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Monday, August 11, 2008

Your Personal Secretary

You know you there is one Personal secretary available in the Market, you can just appoint it right away without seeing it's CV. It is called Answering Machine. Do you have one??? You should have, everyone should have it.

It takes care of your call and record what time your caller called you and also the caller can leave his/her message after a beep. If you wanna avoid a person, you can just avoid picking up the phone and wait to see who called you. Is'nt it great. We can even record our own voice. Seems great na. I bought it as soon as soon i got my First pay for my website....

You know in the West some even divorce each other in the answering phone, but in India still there is no averseness about this Magical instrument. They think someone is talking in the phone so they keep on waiting for us to pick up the phone. Some even complain that someone speaks rudely to them not knowing that it is not us who speaks to them. It is the answering machine who do the talking.

When you call someone, and you hear a woman/man ask you to leave your name, phone number then you better follow it's instruction.....

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