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Sunday, November 30, 2008

3 Cheers for the Brave Warriors

I am very Happy that the War ended, it was tough time for our brave soldiers who fought without food and water for more than 50 hrs and succeeded slaying the Monsters who were terrorizing our country.

But do u you know the poor fate of our NSG warrior, when they came they were put into a local bus and were retained there for 4 hours without the Mumbai map....I have no idea for what these politician waiting ? Guess they were waiting to the election day so that they can say that they were ppl who stopped this War. Like Mr. said that "We need to make certain changes in our central administration- No politicians allowed to interfere in defense /police" I also feel the same when someone is trying to lend a helping hand, we should welcome them than making them wait for their orders to come.

Anyways, at the end NSG proved who is the leader? Though they came late but slayed the Monster fast like a bullet. 3 cheers to the NSG, Navy, Marine and other soldier who tried their level best. I should not forget to cheer them too....

We should not the forget to thank the warrior who fought behind the scene, like the Fire fighters who had courage to go near and tried to clear the fire by risking their life and Journalist who tried to give us the news without caring for their life.

I guess India should learn from it's mistake and always update and equip itself with the latest weapons, armory. The politician should never interfere in Army/Police method and give them full freedom to their work. The Army, Police, NSG and others should always were bulletproof when goin for mission and hope we will never loose anymore brave soldier. Your effort won't go waste....

I conclude my post that we really need desperately need young, dynamic, honest, intelligent and upright leaders, who actually care for the country.

With Anger and Tears.
Sighing Off
Jai Hind

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tears of Mother India
Mother India is still crying cos she cannot see the horrible things happening in her world.
She sees Storm is destroying in one place and another place is filled with Terrorist act. She wants to see her children to find some peace and harmony. She pleads everyone to stop this cruel and gruesome act...Then only her tears will stop...

Who is there is wipe her tear? Can anyone find some???

Who has given Cyclone names

How did Cyclone Nisha get its name? The naming convention for cyclones in the northern Indian Ocean started in 2004 when the India Meteorological Department (IMD) released a list of names that would serve as a unique identifier in issuing forecasts and warnings.

Officials at the Regional Meteorological Centre in Chennai said the IMD got a list of name suggestions from seven countries —Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Thailand and Sri Lanka —as it provides weather advisories to these nations. The name ‘Nisha’ was submitted by Bangladesh. Cyclone Nargis, which caused devastation in Myanmar, was a name drawn from the list of suggestions from Pakistan. The names enable weather forecasters to eliminate confusion over several systems that may form at the same time.

Cyclone names are chosen from the place where they start. Each year, the names of particularly destructive storms are retired and new names are chosen to take their place.

The convention of naming cyclones dates back to the early 20th century when an Australian forecaster named major storms after politicians he disliked.

While the US weather office started giving names to cyclones in 1953, the trend began in the sub-continent in 2004.

Check out the list of the Cyclones names around the world -

I guess when it comes to Names, i guess right person to ask is Shakespeare who asked everyone "What's in a Name"

News : It seems Cyclone Nisha is goin to shore itself soon, so no problem from Cyclone Nisha, she just came to warn you to take care of your place. That's all :-)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Batman to die a grisly death?

When they are giving life to Jason Bourne in Bourne franchise which starred Matt Demon. Though the book ended the story with 3 installment, the director and producer wants to continue it more further!

DC comics' superhero Batman has decided to kill the 70 years of fighting crime.

A mysterious Bat came to me and said that in the next issue of the comic, published Thursdays, Bruce Wayne, the face behind Batman's mask will meet a grisly end.

However, the latest 'Batman' movie 'The Dark Knight', starring Christian Bale as Wayne and the superhero, was a box-office smash and another film is said to be in the offing.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Takes you to a new world

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix PC game is mind blowing game, takes you to a new world Hogwart. You can stroll freely in the corridor of beautiful and eye catching magical Hogwart, step in the moving steps learnt new spells like levitating objects
you can talk to portraits and more.

You also do things like they show in the film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
Like you fight with the Dementors and fight as Dumbledore with the Person whose name should not be taken in the end and more

When i saw the movie, when i saw the place Hogwart, it is was like i have been in the place, kind of a deja vu, it was strange feeling, cannot explain in words, if you wanna experience too, play this game b4 seeing the movie again....

Waiting to see Harry's next movie and play the game of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mickey turned 80

Could Mickey really be 80? The world's favorite mouse made his screen debut in Steamboat Willie on this date in 1928, when the short animated film opened at the Colony Theater in New York City.

Creator Walt Disney had come up with the idea of a friendly-looking mouse in red velvet pants, as he traveled back to Los Angeles from NY, having lost his earlier cartoon creation, Oswald Rabbit, to his financial backers. Disney and head animator Ub Iwerks fine-tuned Mickey's appearance and Disney himself provided the character's voice in the early days.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Prince Harry Next James Bond?

Hollywood actor Daniel Craig says Prince Harry is the "perfect" man to replace him as the secret agent in Bond movies.

According to, Craig, who met the young royal at the premiere of "Quantum Of Solace", said: "I think Prince Harry would make a fantastic James Bond. He's suave and just a little bit dangerous.'

"Like Bond, he is unpredictable and would be perfect for the character. He's got everything it takes.'

See how charming he stands with the glass on his hand. After seeing this pic now everyone will also feel like Daniel, it will be great to see Harry saying this line "My name is James, James Bond" kyun friends !

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bow Wow Obama

When Obama enters the White house, he will take new puppy along with him. The old ones had to leave like it's old master who enjoyed the pleasure of staying in the White house.

The pups are goin to be selected by US experts. The American Kennel Club said the best dog for Malia Obama, 10, would be the hairless Chinese Crested because it would not agitate her asthma.

This breed is "exceptionally loving and affectionate with children," the AKC said.

California breeder Suzanne Morris said she is offering an $800 pedigree Labrador retriever puppy to the Obamas.

"It's a very, very mellow (dog) and easy with children," Morris said.

Paula Fasseas, founder of PAWS Chicago, suggested Obama choose a shelter dog for his family.

"I envision a wonderful shelter dog -- a mixed breed that's hypoallergenic," Fasseas said. "Not too big, not too little. Something nice for the girls to really play with."

Now who is the lucky Pooch who will Bow Wow Obama !!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

First images from Chandrayaan...

India has proved that it is best in everything, we have got images from Chandrayaan...

The first pictures that were taken by Chandrayaan-1 through the Terrain Mapping Camera on Friday.

The TMC was operated in October through a series of commands, which were issued from the Spacecraft Control Centre of the Indian Space Research Organisation Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network in Bengaluru.

The first images, which were received by the Indian Deep Space Network at Byalalu was later processed by the Indian Space Science Data Centre. The first images were taken at 8 am from a height of 9,000 km.

The first picture shows the northern coast of Australia while the second image taken at 12:30 pm from a height of 70,000 km shows Australia's southern coast.

The TMC is one of the 11 scientific instruments of Chandrayaan-1 and the camera can take black and white pictures of an object. The instrument has a resolution of about 5 mt, according to ISRO.

Soon, when every mother wants to feed her child food, she have to just show Moon pics. Chandama is not far, one day our Astronauts will also step in and make us all proud....