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Friday, March 21, 2014

Are we back to the Old days?

Seeing the shows of Today’s makes me wonder are we going back to the old days . I am speaking of Men cross dressing in shows like comedy nights with kapil. In olden days women were not allowed to act so men also did the women role. But now the time has changed now women takes up even challenging roles. No idea why this circus is going on! Even great performer like Ali Azgar done the role of a women and wasting his talent. Tell me friends what is your take on this!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dil Dosti Dance

When West is enjoying programs like Glee, how can we be far behind thanks to Dil Dosti Dance which comes as a breath of fresh air with the best dancing actors you can think of....

Dil Dosti Dance/ D3 is a story of Rey, Tanni, Swayam, Sharon, Aashi, Vicky, Neha, Amar, Bharat, Nilesh etc. The program talks about their friendship and love for their dance.

D3 stars Kunwar Amar of Dance India Dance fame...With this program Amar has proved that he is not only great dance and also a good actor too...

So, if you love program about Dance, give D3 a chance by tuning Mon - Fri at 7:00 pm on Channel V ...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Talking Teddy Bear

Talking Teddy Bear is an application for young at hearts, it is available for Window phones.. The Teddy Bear is not like your normal kitty which only talks back, it does more than that. It plays Guitar and the trumpet. It even teaches you how to play the instrument and send you loving message in shape of a heart. When you touch it’s belly it laughs and when you touch it’s eyes it cries and when you touch it’s stool, it falls...

So, next time when you are feeling lil out of blue, bring the Teddy and make it dance for U :-)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I am going to talk about a serial which is touching every one’s Heart, it is none other than Touchthe serial which came on Star World...
It is about Martin Bohm a single father who struggles to connect with his son Jake who is very obsessed with numbers. Jake is not like any an ordinary boy, he does not speak the language of Human , he speaks language of the universe. With the help of the numbers he sees Present, Past and the Future events.

The program deals with series of events in people of different part of country and life. It is amazing to see how Jake connects the web of connection. It is difficult to explain, you have to see by yourself.
I have to give to the Team of Touch , they have handles this complicated script so well that there is no place for confusion.

Kiefer Sutherland (24 fame) has done great job playing the desperate father who can go any length to connect with his son Jake....

David Mazouz as Jake, he has done tremendous job by portraying a boy who let the universe to speak for himself.....

"Touch" , what is Touch according to you all? It is making a difference in people’s life. It is bringing smile to one’s life. With our small gesture we can touch anyone heart. We are living in the world of Connection. There are many ways to connect with anyone. There is mobile, email and etc which helps us to keep in contact with our loved ones. We share everything with the world and our friends through various social networks. The world is becoming smaller day by day.

Share with me your unforgettable moments when someone touched your heart with a simple gesture...Will do the same....

I used to take tuition long back, i went to my student’s house one day, their house was small but their heart was Big. Though they did not have any furniture to sit but they offered me a mat to sit on. They were very thrilled to meet me and that made me feel so proud to be a Teacher..

Friday, November 9, 2012

Puppet in the hands of Politician

Puppet in the hands of Politician

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Posted on Nov 09, 2012 under General

We all are Puppets in the hands of Politician. If they want they can make us sit in the Dark whole day or even play with our Electricity ...It just happened that one of our so called Politician wanted to have a meeting near my house yesterday and the Victim became my Flat...They took the electricity which created fluctuation Big time that my light and my set top box got burned out of it....Is this kind of Politician we want who wants to burn our house just to warm herself...When we will get freedom from these kind of Politicians....