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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paap Ki Raazi

There is virus culture growing like a fire called Paparazzi i call it Paap Ki Raazi b'cos these so called Paparazzi otherwise known as Freelance photographers are like dogs running after a bone...

They have no sense of privacy... They just wanna click pics of celebs and earn money by hook and crook. There are many accidents happen b'cos of these Pap Rascals. Like for instance, Princess Diana was killed by these Razzis. They chased her to death.

Even they went to SRK house and threw stones in order to take some snaps of Srk son and daughter. I know you have to pay a price to stardom, but this will cost someone's life too.

These people are always in the wrong place in the wrong time and blame Film celebs for attacking them. But they have no idea that first they have take permission from the Film wallah and then they can click.

They should give respect to the celebs privacy too What say????

Monday, September 29, 2008

Good For Your Soul

This is one of the beautiful stories I came across and decided to post. Read and Enjoy.
A conversation between a boy and his father in a restaurant. The son asked if he could say grace.
As they bowed their heads he said, "God is good. God is great. Thank you for the food, and I would even thank you more if Mom gets us ice cream for dessert. And Liberty and justice for all!
Along with the laughter a woman remark, "That's what's wrong with this country. Kids today don't even know how to pray. Asking God for ice-cream! Why, I never!"
Hearing this, the son burst into tears and asked me, "Did I do it wrong? Is God mad at me?"
Father held him and assured him that he had done a terrific job and God was certainly not mad at him, an elderly gentleman approached the table. He winked at the son and said,
"I happen to know that God thought that was a great prayer."
"Really?" my son asked.
"Cross my heart," the man replied. Then in a theatrical whisper he added (indicating the woman whose remark had started this whole thing), "Too bad she never asks God for ice cream. A little ice cream is good for the soul sometimes."
The father bought ice cream at the end of the meal. The son stared at his for a moment and then did something that the Father will remember the rest of his life. He picked up his sundae and without a word, walked over and placed it in front of the woman. With a big smile he told her, "Here, this is for you.Ice cream is good for the soul sometimes; and my soul is good already."

Nature's Magic

Nature has so many Magic hidden in it's sleeve. When you look at the cloud, some time, it forms many shapes. Free your imagination and let it sun wild.

Next time when you look up the sky, check out the cloud and see what is shows you, may be it has a cryptic message for you ;-)

Tell me, what this cloud shows, what the cloud formation remind you off? Think .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Queen of all Diamonds

A 76.41cts flawless diamond found in Lesotho. Gem Diamonds, ...

LONDON (AFP) - Gem Diamonds, a London-listed mining firm, said on Sunday it had recovered a 478 carat diamond from its mine in Lesotho: the 20th-largest rough diamond ever found.

The discovery of the gem, which the company said had the potential to become one of the largest round-cut diamonds in the world, was made on September 8 at the Letseng mine in Lesotho.

"Preliminary examination of this remarkable diamond indicates that it will yield a record-breaking polished stone of the very best colour and clarity," the company's Chief Executive Clifford Elphick said in a statement.

The diamond, which has not yet been named, has the potential to yield a 150 carat polished stone, a company spokesman said.

That would be far bigger than the 105 carat round-cut Koh-i-Noor diamond seized by Britain from India in the 19th century and now part of the Crown Jewels.

It would still only be a fraction of the size, however, of the Cullinan diamond discovered in 1905, which was 3,106 carats when recovered and yielded a teardrop shaped diamond of 530 carats: the Great Star of Africa.

The Letseng mine is owned by a mining company that is 70 percent owned by Gem Diamonds, with the remaining 30 percent held by the Lesotho government.

Gem Diamonds's share price on the London Stock Exchange was 741.50 pence at the close of trading on Friday.

Bonzi Buddy

He is a perfect Computer friend. I used to have him in my comp long back, i have also shared him with my other friend, he is very sweet, he tells me funny Jokes, some interesting facts, he also sing to make my mood happy, he laughs like a child does many antics too. He used to talk with me, help me with my browsing too and also help me to download my files. Who can forget his way of eating the bananas. I will always miss him....

I know you guys will think why i am talking about my Bonzi in past tense, yeah i don't use him anymore, but one day when i was alone with my comp, i started missing my Computer Buddy. So i thought of sharing my memory of him with you guys. He is and alway be my Perfect Buddy....

Wish our president also be like them!

In England there is a rule that every royal should go to do Military service. Even Prince Harry did his military duty in Afghanistan. It is nice that being a Prince, Harry could have stayed home and enjoyed all the goodies of being Royal. But he choose to be in Army that shows the he will become greatest King one day....

Wish our President has a military background, so when disaster strikes then they can come in rescue. There should be a clause in their resume that they should be educated and would have been in Army service. Like they show in a Ad a guy will ask a politician what is his qualification for ruling the country. I guess everyone should ask that question and should never accept any who is illiterate and have a criminal background. What say????

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Devil on Wheel

When i posted my article about Auto, i did not think that i will be writing again about Auto, this time i am talking about Auto with Steroid which we call " Share Auto"....They dumb people like anything. More than six people can travel in a Share Auto....

My brother's share auto tumbled trice and fell in the Mud area, thank God ! B'cos of the mud, the impact was less. He had few scratches in the hand and legs. The share auto wallah was drunk and tried to run from the accident spot. Glad there was police to catch him in action.

I ask why these auto wallah drive their autos like devil. Are they not responsible for their travelers? Everyone are the same in all country. No one has any traffic rules. Everyone are in hurry...Wish someone do something for the speed control in our country too like it happens in the West....

We were so shocked to see his shirt torned when he entered our house. Still he suffers from the pain. Please pray that my brother becomes well again...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Music, Language of every Soul

Music, when you think about music every heart feels Happy.

Music can be used as therapy, i one read that in one Dentist used music when he was pulling the tooth of his patient, he used to make his patient wear ear phone and listen to music while he does his job without making his patient feel the pain, that is the effect of Music.

In olden days they used to sing while working, music has potential to make people forget about their stress.

You know some music remind us about our good moments spend with our loved ones. Hearing a particular song, sometime i get transfer into the time where i spent with my loved ones. There is no body in this world who has not shed some tear after hearing their favorite songs....

Music has potential to suppress your anger, if you angry at someone, hear your fav song alone, your anger will disappear.

Music has many kind of effect in people...Music is language of every Soul

Barbie Ash

Saroj Khan once said in a program Nachle Ve With Saroj Khan, she was teaching how to dance the famous Kajra Re, in the program she was talking about our Ashwariya and said that Barbie company in Britain made a small miniature doll of Ash in 2005 which sold as soon as it came in the Market. And now it is not available, now her fans in Britain has.

I wanted to show you how the doll looks like. I don't know whether this is the perfect pic of the doll, but it does resembles Ash right? Well comment on it....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mother Earth

Our Mother Earth is like this tree, which gives shelter to everyone. Animals knows that and give respect but we Humans has forgotten it....

What we are doin here, have we forgotten our duty to give our Mother land some peace and harmony? We are busy hurting each other, destroying our religion places, by doin these horrible things what we can gain from this ???

Hell Ride

Aaj ke autowale i tell you,
Nakarewale sunlo tu.

Autowala in chennai drive you like a daredevil, if you sit one of their autos, you better start praying for your life....They drive like they are goin to win some race or a dangerous bull is back of them. If you ask them to drop you in one location, they take you for ride of your life.

I heard that some autowale in chennai do some racing thing in the night too, there was a movie about this too. May be they are trying to participate in Formula Number One ;-)
If there is a Auto race, these ppl will come first....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ghost Talk

Three Ghost were talking in a haunted auditorium, one ghost told that he saw Human, for that the second ghost replied that there are no such thing called the Human...For that the third ghost smiled and said now he can live his undead life peacefully ;-)

I guess we Humans have become most dangerous than the Ghost, i heard from a Ghost town that one Ghost mother said to her son So Ja Beta Booth , Warna Insaan Aa Jayega !!!

Mirror to the Past

What is the purpose of the Mirror, it shows you as you are. Like that there is another Mirror which shows you the Past, it shows you how was the culture, what types of vehicle they used in the past and what was the source of communcation.

That Mirror is called the Films. Films are those Mirror which shows us how people used to live in the Past. Like when you take one movie which was taken in the past and same movie in the present. Then you will know the difference.

Take for example, Chori Chori (1956)and Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin (1991) , you can see that Raj Kapoore what kind of Phones they used and what kind of Phone Aamir. Even the transportation was different at that time.

When you see any old movie, don't just see the movie, try to find what they are using in olden days. Then you will accept that Films are Mirror to the Past !!!

Celebrity and drugs

Celebrity and drugs go hand and hand. We lost an fantastic Australian actor Heath Ledger to a evil called drugs. He is and was a great actor. I don't know why these actors take the dangerous path of consuming drugs. Lots of Hollywood actors have died of drugs and even drug did not leave our Bollywood actor, Sanjay Dutt was drug addict and thank God he came to his sense soon but i heard very long back that Fardeen too take drugs. What is good of taking drugs, when it is goin to make more worse to you and your love one around you. What you think, comment on it...

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Teacher Who Became My True Friend

We have a saying Mother, Father, Teacher and lastly comes God. Teacher is most important after our Parents. If our Teacher becomes our Friend, then our life become Heaven.
Today is Teacher's Day, i wanna share about how my Teacher became my True Friend....

I remember that day like yesterday. I was new to my computer class, there she was standing asking me where the class is. I thought she was like any other student. After entering the class, she straight away went and stood near the black board. Then she introduced herself that she was our new substitute teacher.

She was my teacher for only 2 days, but she became my life long True Friend....I like her teaching, she was ready to help everyone. She is the best example for how a teacher should be....

I know i can share with her everything. She has a pure heart and i hope and pray that everyone get a True Friend like her. Her name is Ruby and her Friendship is the most precious thing in my life....

Miss you Ruby and Hope you read this and know how much your Friendship means to me....

Happy Teacher's Day Everyone....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

32 forms of Shree Ganesh

Happy Ganesh Chaturdhi

1 Bala Ganapati

Bala Ganapati is "the Childlike" God of golden hue. In His hands He holds a banana, mango, sugar cane and jackfruit, all representing the earth's abundance and fertility. His trunk garners His favorite sweet, the modaka.

2 Taruna Ganapati

Eight-armed, Taruna Ganapati, "the Youthful," holds a noose and goad, modaka, wood apple, rose apple, His broken tusk, a sprig of paddy and a sugar cane stalk. His brilliant red color reflects the blossoming of youth.

3 Bhakti Ganapati

Shining like the full moon during harvest season and garlanded with flowers, Bhakti Ganapati, dear to devotees, is indeed pleasant to look upon. He holds a banana, a mango, coconut and a bowl of sweet payasa pudding.

4 Vira Ganapati

The "Valiant Warrior," Vira Ganapati, assumes a commanding pose. His 16 arms bristle with weapons, symbols of mind powers: a goad, discus, bow, arrow, sword, shield, spear, mace, a battleaxe, a trident and more.

5 Shakti Ganapati

Four-armed and seated with one of His shaktis on His knee, Shakti Ganapati, "the Powerful," of orange-red hue, guards the householder. He holds a garland, noose and goad, and bestows blessings with the abhaya mudra.

6 Dvija Ganapati

Four-headed Dvija Ganapati, "the Twice-born," is moon-like in color. Holding a noose, a goad, an ola leaf scripture, a staff, water vessel and a his japa beads, He reminds one and all of the urgency for disciplined striving.

7 Siddhi Ganapati

Golden-yellow Siddhi Ganapati, "the Accomplished," is the epitome of achievement and self-mastery. He sits comfortably holding a bouquet of flowers, an axe, mango, sugar cane and, in His trunk, a tasty sesame sweet.

8 Ucchhishta Ganapati

Ucchhishta Ganapati is "Lord of Blessed Offerings" and guardian of culture. Of blue complexion and six-armed, He sits with His Shakti, holding a vina, pomegranate, blue lotus flower, japa mala and a sprig of fresh paddy.

9 Vighna Ganapati

Vighna Ganapati, "Lord of Obstacles," is of brilliant gold hue and bedecked in jewels. His eight arms hold a noose and goad, tusk and modaka, conch and discus, a bouquet of flowers, sugar cane, flower arrow and an axe.

10 Kshipra Ganapati

Handsome, red-hued Kshipra Ganapati, "Quick-acting" giver of boons, displays His broken tusk, a noose, goad and a sprig of the kalpavriksha (wish-fulfilling) tree. In His uplifted trunk He holds a tiny pot of precious jewels.

11 Heramba Ganapati

Five-faced, white in color, Heramba Ganapati, "Protector of the Weak," rides a big lion. He extends the gestures of protection and blessing while holding a noose, japa beads, axe, hammer, tusk, garland, fruit and modaka.

12 Lakshmi Ganapati

Lakshmi Ganapati, pure white giver of success, sits flanked by Wisdom and Achievement. Gesturing varada mudra, He holds a green parrot, a pomegranate, sword, goad, noose, sprig of kalpavriksha and a water vessel.

13 Maha Ganapati

Accompanied by one of His shaktis, "the Great," Maha Ganapati, is red-complexioned and three-eyed. He holds His tusk, a pomegranate, blue lily, sugar-cane bow, discus, noose, lotus, paddy sprig, mace and a pot of gems.

14 Vijaya Ganapati

Four-armed, of red hue and riding His resourceful mushika, Vijaya Ganapati is "the Victorious" bestower of success. His insignia are the broken tusk, elephant goad, a noose and a lucious golden mango, His favorite fruit.

15 Nritya Ganapati

The happy "Dancer," Nritya Ganapati, is four-armed and golden, with rings on His fingers, holding a tusk, goad, noose and modaka sweet. He prances under the kalpavriksha tree, epitomizing exuberant activity and joy.

16 Urdhva Ganapati

Seated with one of His shaktis on His left knee, Urdhva Ganapati is "the Elevated" Lord of golden hue. In His six hands He holds a sprig of paddy, a lotus, the sugar cane bow, an arrow, His ivory tusk and a blue water lily.

17 Ekakshara Ganapati

Ekakshara, of "Single-Syllable" (gam), is three-eyed, of red complexion and attire. Crescent moon on His crown, He sits in lotus pose upon Mushika, offers the boon-giving gesture and holds a pomegranate, noose and goad.

18 Varada Ganapati

Varada Ganapati, "the Boon-Giver with prominent third eye of wisdom, holds a dish of honey, the noose and goad and encloses a pot of jewels in His trunk. His shakti is at His side, and the crescent moon adorns His crown.

19 Tryakshara Ganapati

Tryakshara Ganapati, "the Lord of Three Letters" (A-U-M), is gold in color and has fly whisks in His big floppy ears. He carries the broken tusk, goad, noose and mango and is often seen grasping a sweet modaka in His trunk.

20 Kshipra Prasada Ganapati

Kshipra Prasada Ganapati, "the Quick Rewarder," presides from a kusha-grass throne. His big belly symbolizes the manifest universe. He holds a noose, goad, tusk, lotus, pomegranate and a twig of the wish-fulfilling tree.

21 Haridra Ganapati

Haridra Ganapati, the golden one dressed in bright yellow vestments, sits calmly on a posh, regal throne. Along with His tusk and a modaka, He wields a noose to hold devotees close and a sharp goad to spur them onward.

22 Ekadanta Ganapati

Ekadanta, of "Single Tusk," is distinguished by His blue color and sizeable belly. The attributes of this murti are an axe for cutting the bonds of ignorance, prayer beads for japa, a laddu sweet and the broken right tusk.

23 Srishti Ganapati

Riding on His docile and friendly mouse, Srishti Ganapati is the lord of happy "Manifestation." This active God, of red complexion, holds His noose a goad, a perfect mango, and His tusk, representing selfless sacrifice.

24 Uddanda Ganapati

Uddanda Ganapati is the bold "Enforcer of Dharma," the laws of being. His ten hands hold a pot of gems, a blue lily, sugar cane, a mace, lotus flower, sprig of paddy, a pomegranate, noose, garland and His broken tusk.

25 Rinamochana Ganapati

Rinamochana Ganapati is humanity's liberator from guilt and bondage. His figure of alabaster skin is apparelled in red silks. He bears a noose and a goad, His milk-white tusk and a favorite fruit, the rose apple.

26 Dhundhi Ganapati

Red-hued Dhundhi Ganapati, "the Sought After," holds a strand of rudraksha beads, His broken tusk, an axe and a small pot of precious gems thought to represent the treasury of awakenings He saves for all ardent devotees.

27 Dvimukha Ganapati

Dvimukha Ganapati, called Janus by the Romans, with two divergent faces, sees in all directions. His blue-green form is dressed in red silk. He wears a bejeweled crown and holds a noose, goad, His tusk and a pot of gems.

28 Trimukha Ganapati

Trimukha Ganapati, the contemplative "three-faced" Lord of red hue, sits on a golden lotus, telling His beads, holding a noose, goad and vessel of nectar. He gestures protection with a right hand and blessings with a left.

29 Sinha Ganapati

Sinha Ganapati, white in color, rides a lion and displays another lion in one hand, symbolizing strength and fearlessness. He also holds a kalpavriksha sprig, the vina, a lotus blossom, flower bouquet and a pot of jewels.

30 Yoga Ganapati

Yoga Ganapati is absorbed in mantra japa, His knees strapped in meditative pose, hands holding a yoga staff, sugar cane stalk, a noose and prayer beads. His color is like the morning sun. Blue garments adorn His form.

31 Durga Ganapati

Durga Ganapati, the "Invincible," waves the flag of victory over darkness. This splendid murti is of deep gold hue, dressed in red, holding a bow and arrow, noose and goad, prayer beads, broken tusk and a rose apple.

32 Sankatahara Ganapati

ganesh32g_epsSankatahara Ganapati, "the Dispeller of Sorrow," is of sunlike hue, dressed in blue, and seated on a red lotus flower. He holds a bowl of pudding, a goad and a noose while gesturing the boon-granting varada mudra.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Blood Suckers

I have written mostly on the people i love, but today i am goin to writer about Blood Suckers. You have come across them in ur daily way of life. They are called Relatives.

I know some are lucky to have good Relatives too, but i am talking about some who are Blood Suckers, not Blood Relatives. My dad passed away few year back, at that time my bro was working in Delhi and he stayed with my Relatives. They bought him ticket to attend the funeral and after that my so called Relatives took our Laptop to see and never returned, he said he is taking b'cos he paid for the Air ticket, how cheap na, that is how some Blood Suckers are Yell

Well, all my relatives are like that, when we had car in our house, everyone came home and utilized our car, but when my bro was there in buriel ground waiting for someone to take him home, no one came. Cry

Does it mean when you are a Blood Relative, you are supposed to take care people who lost their love one? Does it give you make you responsible for their future and well being? Even strangers came to help us. I really prefer strangers than these Blood Suckers. What say???? Comment !