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Monday, August 25, 2008

Adopting Children

Adopting kids is the latest thing the world of Hollywood stars, many stars have adopted kids like Tom Cruise, Angelina, latest one is Madonna trying to adopt a Indian kid, that is a good intention.

But what measure they take when their life is so unstable, how can they take care of a kid's responsibility when there is a curse called "Divorce" in the Film World. Like when Tom and Nicole separated, more than them their kids suffered. How the kids would have felt ? Does the Stars have right to put these kids in the odd situation. What do you think?

Game which stopped the War

I know that Olympic has ended well, but the spirit will keep burning in everyone soul ;-)

Do u know the Origin of the Olympics? There are many story about how it started but one such story touched my heart.... It is that A King Iphitos of Elis wanted to save his people from war in the 9th century BC. He was advised to organize games in honor of the gods. The Spartan adversary of Iphitos then decided to stop the war during these games, which were called Olympic...

That is great a Game was created to stop War in those days, but which game will be created to stop these Terror which is trying to destroy our peaceful world....

Well think about It !

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Will remain in ur mind
Today i present your a novel Sybil which is written by Sydney Sheldon, you want to know why I have chossen this book, it is a thriller. I am always interested to read something unique, so I chose this book. Sybil is the story of a women being possed by 16 selves.

It was interesting to meet each characters. They were very diff. from her own character. The best part was when she met the 16 selves/ personality and made them go.
I felt like eveything was happening in front of me. I would like to continue to read the same author if it will be like Sybil.

Perry Mason
Perry Mason is a novel gift i got it from my Mom. It is a fictional character like Sherlock Homes. Perry Mason is written by Erle Stanley Gardner.
Perry Mason is a Lawyer by profession and is always ready to fight for his clients if he think they are not guilty. He also do some investigating on his own with his secretary Della Street and his friend cum Detective Paul Drake.
My unforgettable topics are
1. The Case of Howling Dogs
2. The Case of Burried Clock
3. The Case of Careless kitten
4. The Case of Glamorous Ghost
If you love reading detective story and court room dram together, you have to read Perry Mason....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Golden Thought
One of my friend asked me to read this wonderful novel called The Alchemist.
It is written by the great writer Paulo Coelho.
It is about a young Shepherd whose dream is to travel the world. He sets for a carefree journey to Spain where he meets his love, beautiful daughter of a merchant. But his love for his traveling around the world was more stronger which makes him leave his lady love and he also promises her to return soon.
In his way he meets a gypsy fortune teller who tells him to follow his dream. What is his dream, how will he achieve it? To know the answer you have read this beautfiful novel.
This novel makes it's reader to sit and think about their dream, it also have a Golden lesson that if you want something very bad, then the whole Universe will help you achieve it. You will understand more better if you read this one. Must Read !!!

Tonic for the Soul
Chicken Soup is book which also act like a Tonic for your soul. It work like a magic when you read it, you forget all your worries.
One day i was sad, my friend gave me the book and reading all the stories, about different people experience, each story made a deep impact in my heart.
I learnt that how a smile can make a change into people life, saying a person name can make him/her your life long friend. Be it a sweeper or a salesperson. They like you when people interact or treat them as an individual. Try that u will see change in people.
This book has taught me a lot, like how each moment is precious and you will never take anything for granted.

Magic is everywhere

You know that i love Magic. I fee that Magic is everywhere, i see Magic in everything. Not only in the act of a Magician. I see Magic in the

nature too, Sunset is an beautiful Magic of God.

The smile of a baby is Magic, seeing it, one forgets his miseries and even Love is Magic, when you Rise in Love, you tend to forget the rest of the world and see yourself always in a Happy mood. That is Magical effect of Love.

God has created this world with lots of love, it is our duty to keep it with peace and harmony !

What is Magic according to you? Comment on it

Sardarji Jokes 2
Sardar to his servant: Go and water the plants.
Servant: It's already raining.
Sardar: So what take an umbrella and go.

Sardar found the answer to the most difficult question ever - What will
come first, Chicken or egg?
O Yaar, what ever U order first, will come first.

Postman: - I Have To Come 5 Miles to Deliver U This Packet
Sardar: - why did U come so far. Instead U could Have posted it....

A Sardar & his wife filed an application for Divorce.
Judge asked: How'll U divide your kids, U"VE 3 children?
Sardar replied: Ok! We'll apply NEXT YEAR

Sardar's wish: when I die, I wana die like my Grandpa who died
peacefully in his sleep not Screaming like all d passengers in d car he
was Driving..

A Teacher lecturing on population:
"In India after every 10 secs a women gives birth to a kid."
A Sardar stands up- "We must find & stop her!. "

A man: " Sardarji, tell me, why Manmohan Singh goes for a walk in the
evening not in the morning?"
Sardarji : ''Arey bhai Manmohan is PM not AM''.

Why did Sardar cut the sides of the capsule before taking it?
Guess what...
To avoid side effects!!!

Man: Sardarji where were U born?
Sardarji: Punjab .
Man: Which part?
Sardar: Oye part part kya kar raha hai, whole body Is born in Punjab

Sardarji Jokes

Sardar: For the past one week a girl is disturbing Me.
I don't know how she got my no., she interrupts whenever I call someone
and says "please recharge your card"

A person went into the office kitchen one morning and found a Sardarni
painting the walls. She was wearing a new fur coat and a nice denim
Thinking this was a little strange, he asked her why she was wearing
them rather than old clothes or an overall.
She showed him the instructions on the tin, "For Best Results put on Two

A sardar was drawing money from ATM,
The sardar behind him in the line said, "Ha! Ha! Haaa! I've seen ur
password. Its 4 asterisks (****). "
The first sardar replies, "Ha! Ha! Haaa! U R wrong, Its 1258"

Q:) How do U recognize a sardar in school or College???
A:) They are the ones who erase their notebooks when the teacher erases
the blackboard... BOLO tarara!!

Q:) Why did the sardarji sleep with a scale?
A:) Because he wanted to measure how long he has Slept........

Santa Singh MBBS
After finishing his MBBS, Dr. Santa Singh starts his Own practice.
He checked his first patient's Eyes, then the tongue, and finally the
Ears using a torch.
Finally he said Battery is Ok !!

True Love

JERUSALEM: In a highly unusual wedding, a 41-year-old British millionaire has tied the knot publicly with her 35-year-old sweetheart, a dolphin from the famous Eilat dolphin reef, a media report said.

Sharon Tendler, a British rock concert producer, met the dolphin, Cindy, 15 years ago and developed a liking resulting in two to three annual visits every year to spend some time with her underwater love, daily Yediot Ahronoth reported.

"The peace and tranquillity underwater, and his love, would calm me down," the excited bride reportedly said after the wedding.

Following the long romance Tendler last week approached the dolphins trainer, Maya Zilber, with the extraordinary request.

Zilber accepted and "talked the idea over with the fellow" who apparently consented, the report said.

The thrilled bride, wearing a white dress, on Wednesday walked down the dock before hundreds of astounded visitors and kneeled down before her groom, who was waiting in the water.

Tendler was photographed by the daily hugging Cindy, who was escorted by his fellow best-men dolphins. She then whispered sweet nothings in his ear, and kissed him in front of the cheering crowd.

Tendler was then tossed into the water by her friends.

The Story of A, B, C

Hello Friend Smile,

It is Story time.

This is story of A, B, C who is very frustrated in their life and summon God to help them.

God appears and tell them that they have to cross five deserts to attain the Treasure .

So, A starts his journey without anything supporting him, he cross the desert so fast that he looses his energy and he faints there itself.

B starts his journey with water and cloths and he faints in the 3rd desert itself.

C starts his journey with food and water and he crosses the 5 deserts energetically. B'cos he planned by taking food and water so he had enough time to cross the bridge that he was able to look for the treasure and achieve his goal.

So, tell me what Lesson you learn from this story, Comment about it !

My Dubai Trip

Hey friends, recently i been to Dubai, it was a great trip. We went for Dubai Shopping Festival. Though we could not get a good discount, as it was just a gimmick and hype about the shopping fest.

But Dubai is more than just shopping, we had dinner in cruise, we went to Desert safari which was unbelievable, it was like roller coaster in the sand. We also had buffet and saw belly dance which was also great. We had a chance to see the main land mark of Dubai called Burj al-Arab hotel . We went in a Wonder bus. The bus can travel in the water as well as land. It was like city tour in a sea.

On the whole we really had a great time, mainly the climate was great and ppl were friendly too. Everyone should visit Dubai once in their life time.

Prince of Persia

I have strange things with the game, you know i learnt how to use a computer by playing this game Prince of Persia. When i was studying for my 10th this game came to me. Like all the brothers, my bro is great in computer and had very less intention to teach me how to use one. I always asked him to teach me some basic, but he was keen on using the comp himself, but when the time came for me to atleast start the game, i remembered what keys he typed, gradually i that i learnt how to play and use the comp.

I have played all the Prince of Persia, the game and the adventure we go through fascinates me!

Persia Sand of Time where our Prince steals the dagger or time and get into problem, then he tries to correct his flow in Prince of Persia Warrior Within and after killing Dahaka in last part of the Trilogy Prince of Persia The Two Thrones Prince return home Babylon only to find that his home is been captured by an Evil wizard. Now it is his duty to rescue his citizens of Babylon and also kill the evil wizard along with fighting the greatest enemy of all, that is the evil inside him who call himself as the Dark Prince.

The game is really great, you get to ride the chariot and fight with the soldiers. The interaction between the Dark Prince is helorious. Al together The trilogy of Prince of Persia is Mind Bogling. Waiting to play the next version of Prince of Persia.

Agent 47 is Ghost, an assassin who never failed in his mission, he is genetically built to kill. He is bald, he has a tattoo in his back of his head and he has no name except everyone know him as Agent 47. In his life he never missed his target and will go all the length to finish his assignment.
He gets a assignment to kill the Russian President, he also fulfill his task. But this task is not an ordinary one, it entangles him to a roller coaster of his life time.
I have played the game Hitman too, the movie Hitman is best than that. If you like action packed film, this one is for you.

Stars in your own Home

If you love gazing up the sky to see stars shining up on you. Now you can have them right above you in your own bedroom...If you love and want to see an Astronaut, a spaceship and a Rocket along with your stars and cute smiling moon. An Angel showering stars of sweet dreams. Wanna feel a planetarium effect in your bedroom. Well you need not worry !!!

A star glow stickers is available to make your wish come true, they are user friendly and children and people who have child inside them will love it. For me i have become crazy for them that i have posted them in my bedroom and also they help when there is a power cut, you need not have a torch to find your room, these beautiful glow act as a torch to find your way to your room, is it great....

Ps: To get the best result, keep the Tube light ON for half an hour before goin to sleep then you will see the Magic !!!

My Wonder Land

For me Internet is like a Wonder Land, when i was first time introduced to this Land, i was very new, frightened even to tell my own name, i could not even type fast, i was even thrown out of the chat room for being a slow typer. But i did not give up so easily.

I visited many good sites and emailed them and praised them for their work and i got 2 gem like friends who taught me to make my own website and also made me a brave person. Thanks to you 2 of my friends, that i have took this web designing which was my hobby and took it as my profession. Now i can say proudly that i am a web designer.

But still Internet is still the Wonder Land where you meet strange ppl, learn new things, make new friends...

True Friendship is saying that you cannot choose your parents or your siblings but you can always choose your friends. True Friendship is the treasure which you will find yourself.

They say that a friend can make or break your life. For me i found friends who were the reason i am today. I found my true friend in my 10 std. The first sentence she spoke is Do u have a pen? And there our journey began. At that time i was timid and spoke very lil to ppl.

She introduced me to her friends, she even taught me how to dress and how to communicate with others. Those were my golden days when i spend time with her. Now she is married but still i get her txt msgs once a month. I take this opportunity for thanking my friend and hope everyone will find a friend like mine !!!

Mobile is my Best Friend

Mobile is my best friends, nowadays ppl cannot forget eating or sleeping but no one forgets to take their best friend along with them. That is their mobile. Even your best friend tend to leave you lonely sometime but when you have mobile, you are never alone. What not you can do with mobile, you can communicate with your friends, hear music, take snaps and videos. Now you can even go online from your mobile.

That dayi went to this festival, where i was getting very bored, thank god i had my mobile with me, i was taking some snaps, chatting with my friends and also reading all the funny and sweet msgs my friends send me. The greatest invention is Mobile. Hats of the person who has found this magical thing.


Dreams always have some inner meaning. There are many interpretation about them.
If you see dead people in your dream then it means that you get blessing from them.
If you see Dolphins, it means happiness is around you. There are many inner meaning about different things.

Sometime what you see in your dream happens in real, like i was missing this friend of mine who was absent for a long time. I dreamt that she has come to school, that day itself i could not believe my own eyes, she was sitting exactly like in my dream. Do share with you some of your unforgettable dreams

Magical Creature of the sea

Sea is the bed for unique and magical living creatures. One such magical creature is Dolphins. They are unique by nature. They are smarter than humans and chimps.
Dolphins are playful and helpful in nature. Dolphins are also useful in Militery prupose for their sonar ability. They even help to cure of the some of the diseases.
Seeing Dolphin makes a crying face transform into smile.

There are many kind of Dolphins
1. Bottlenosed Dolphins
2. Spinner Dolphins
4. Dusky Dolphins
5. Spotted Dolphins
6. Common Dolphins
7. And last but no the least my fav Pink Dolphins which are known as Amazon River Dolphins
Bot or Pink Dolphins which are found rarely Amazon, Singapore and Hong Kong.
They are slow swimmer. They become fully pink when they are 26 yr old. I went to Singapore just see this magical creature, but could not get a chance to touch them,
they say it feels like swade.
There is myth that these Pink dolphins were shape shifter and they turn to a mermaid and if you see them there face resembles of human. When i went to Singapore, the hotels and tourism group did not even tell about Dolphin Lagoon is Santosa, i was very angry and requested them to tell everyone who came to Singapore about this wonderful creature. They are also extinct, we all should make in a point to spread an awareness helps save these wonderful creatures.

Knowledge of Language you want to make friends easily, i will tell you a simple way to attract anyone.
You should have knowledge of Language, it is that simple....

People love you when they communicate in their language, especially the Foreigner like the French, Italian, German and mainly the Japanese. I have seen Japanese are very curious about everything, they are very friendly too and they love when you speak their language, or atleast trying to use some of the words in Japanese.

I met these 2 girls in my Dubai trip. I had to use only one word in Japanese to break the Ice. The girls were very happy that i knew 2 words one is Konichiwa (hi or how r u) and Sayonara(bye) this made us friends....Can u believe it?

I love learning languages, I used to make friends in the Net with the tactics, like that i made many friends....Why you don't you try and let me know how was it?

Ajantha and Ellora

I know i have told you guys about my hobbies, but my passion and my main hobby is taking pics. And all the photoholic favorite spot is the 2 extraordinary caves in Aurangabad Ellora and Ajantha.

Ajantha and Ellora caves are situated about 300 kilometers northeast of the city of Mumbai. There are 34 caves at Ellora and 29 at Ajantha.

Ajantha caves have beautiful murals in the walls and mainly they depict Buddhism.
They have been lighted well and is treat for Photoholics around the world.
If you miss one cave, you miss something great in life.

Ellora caves depicts Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism all together. You can see the marriage pose of Lord Shiva and Parvathi.

These 2 caves need one day atleast to explore and i am happy that i had strength to view the whole caves though we missed one or 2 caves in Ellora and one cave in Ajantha. But if you love taking pics, love caves and wanna goin in Past, this is place for you.....

Ps : If the pics did not come well, forgive i am a beginner...But i hope you all enjoyed seeing and i hope my information was useful to you friends...

Angel Of My Garden

Angel Of My Garden( My Friend Ruby wrote for me )
In the beautiful garden of my life
I was an ordinary flower before i met u
But the door opened and an
Angel ( entered in it,
From then forth my freshness, fragrance
And gentleness swayed towards u
You poured in me the essence
Of True Friendship like honey
And my heart overjoyed b'cos
Just the to-getherness between us
Meant fantastic and overwhelming of deep Friendship,
How will i express my thoughts to you?
My eyes have seen you and i wish to treasure
You as a Friend who is more precious than any precious stone
In the world.
I am spellbound by your spell of True Friendship
From ur hearts magic wand.
Atlast, I wish God grows our Friendship till everlasting and

Ode to my Dolfin
If only I could leave this awful place
and find the tranquil waters of the sea
to swim with your abandon and your grace
and lead your life so simple and so free.
But I must travel through life as a man,
as restless and as angry as a storm.
I seek out and I find peace where I can
but, to my human nature, must conform.
What must you think of me out here afloat
just looking on, your captive as you play?
Upon this large and slow and clumsy boat,
if you could speak my words, what would you say?
They say you dream of men, perhaps you do.
But, in my fondest dreams, I dream of you.

Pushing through green waters
Symbol of joy
You leap from the depths
To touch the sky
Scattering spray
Like handfuls of jewels

Not caged by union rules
Unfettered by sales targets
No trains or planes to catch
Your time is set by the flow
Of the sea's tides
And the moon's glow

You give us images of ecstasy
That we lock away
Behind the doors of memory
For quiet moments
when released from our possessions
We dream of a freedom like yours
Poem by Horace Dobbs

I am as a dolphin born, into a concrete pool
Who has never known anything better,
yet yearns for open sea
Perhaps a seabird's feather,
once landed in my pool
And instinct knew the odour,
of the place where I should be.....
By Laurence Frost

Even lonely, they're friendly,
teaching trainers, performing hoop-jump,
nose-balancing acts.
Easy to believe this animal spends its life at play.
That something dies
when ocean whispers behind the wall.


Monday, August 18, 2008

What is a Memories?

What is a Memories? It is moments stored by your brain. There are 2 kind of Memories, one is happy and one leaves a bitter taste in your life. I don't need to tell you what you have to do with your happy memory, cos everyone would love to preserve them. But what can you do with your bad memory, the sad one which comes and haunt your life.
Well i took my bad memory and transformed into a positive one. Wanna know how?
Well i had a friend, with whom i used spend my whole day. He was a lively character, even a stranger become friend of him in a second and those days were my golden one. Now my friend is not with me, but his memory is always with me, i kept him alive through my actions.
His impact of him grown stronger in me. I started interacting with other like him. Now i make friends everywhere i go. That's how you can make use of your memory positively. Always take the good things from your Memory and see you will never be lonely again....
Think about it....

Origin of Kung Fu

Most of us think of 'Kung Fu' as a martial art, but what is the origin of the art?

Kung Fu was started by Buddha priest. You know Buddha priest found this art in order to protect themselves from wild animals in the forest. They learnt some techniques by imitating different types of fighting techniques from animals (e.g., tiger, panther, monkey, snake, or bear), birds (e.g., eagle, crane, or chicken), or insects (e.g., praying mantis).

The reason for imitating the animals' fighting was that it was believed that, in order to survive in the harsh natural environment, all the animals still maintained a natural talent and skill for fighting. The best way to learn the fighting techniques was by studying and imitating these animals. For example, the sharp spirit of the eagle was adopted, the pouncing/fighting of the tiger and eagle's strong claws was imitated, and the attacking motions of the crane's beak and wings were copied.

Saturday, August 16, 2008



(Rama avatar - Avatar Singh) - Lord Rama stands for the one man one woman maxim, kind of symbolising true love.. Here Avatar portrays that spirit by saying that he loves his woman more than anything and wants to live for her.

Kalki avatar - Govindaraj Ramasamy As you know, the hero in kaliyug can be none other than the Kalki avatar!!!

(Balarama avatar - Balarama naidu )[As the name suggests and the role personifies Balaram naidu RAW officer and helps to kill the villain

(Krishna avatar - Vincent Poovaraghavan ) Lord krishna is actually a dalit, he is dark-skinned [shyamalam]. He saved draupadi when she was being violated and he was the actual diplomat in mahabharatham. Lord krishna dies of an arrow striking his lower leg. Now look at how vincent was introduced.. he appears when asin is about to be molested and he saves her like draupadi. Vincent is the dalit diplomat, fights for land issue [soil issue to be exact] and dies from the metal rod striking his leg. Oh even five of vincent’s men are drugged at P. Vasu’s.. sounds familiar???

(Parasurama avatar - Christian Fletcher ) - Parasurama is actually on an angry killing spree and killed 21 generations of the particular kshatriya vamsa. Hence the real KILLER… Guess what thats what our Fletcher is! He comes around with the gun [modern upgrade for axe] and kills everyone around

( Vamana avatar - Kalifulla khan ) - Remember in vamana avatar, lord vishnu takes the vishvaroopa, that is the giant form! Hence the giant kalifulla here symbolises vamana avatar

(Narasimha avatar - Shingen Narahashi ) - first of all the name itself is a play on the words singam [means lion in tamil] and narasimha [the avatar being symbolised]. Lord Narasimha manifests himelf to kill the bad guy and he also teaches prahaladha. In the movie, he shows up to kill the killer fletcher! and is also a teacher.. Lord Narasimha had to kill the asura with bare hands and hence the martial arts exponent here..

(Varaha avatar - Krishnaveni paatti ) - In varaha avatar lord actually hides earth so as to protect life forms. Here too krishnaveni hides the germs - life form inside the statue so as to protect.

( Koorma avatar - Bush ) - The real koorma avatar, the lord is the turtle/tortoise that helps in stirring the ksheera sagara and bringing out the amruth. This essentially creates war among the devas and asuras. Similarly today Bush facilitates war between you know whom… May be Kamal also indicates that this avatar is a bit dumb like the tortoise…

( Macha Avthar - Nambi ) - nambi is thrown into water in an act of trying to save lord from being thrown into sea...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sweet Poison
The thing which i hate the most is people who lie, who think they are clever with their lies and conning behavior. I had such a friend who used to lie about everything, but still i was loyal to him, thinking that he will never pull that card on me. I was stupid then .
I was wrong about him, he played the same game with me and God only knows how i overcame from that situation. So i plead you guys never to trust anyone who is like a Sweet poison who come smoothly and spreads poison in your life....

'Athithi Devo Bhava' "Guest is God" ??? as Indians treat our guest as God according to the famous line 'Athithi Devo Bhava' "Guest is God" but do we follow the wording in reality?

I heard that four years ago, 2 taxi driver raped and killed Australian tourist. Is this way we are treating our God like guest? What other country think of India? It is really a shame for Indians for reading some thing like this. I guess it is high time for India to start following those words seriously !

And we should not wait for 4 yrs to give sentence to those people who killed the tourist.
The Justice should be served immediately. Not when everyone forgets about something like this ever happened. They should be given some severe punishment like cutting of hands and be lesson for others.

I wish everyone in advance Happy Independence Day! But i ask you are we really Independent? Are we really free? Comment about it !!! Jai Hind

Monday, August 11, 2008

Worst Travel

I have been in lots of travels but Murugan travel is WORST travel. I have made my mind that i will never travel in my life, that much they have troubled us. Myself, my mom and my bro took this Murugan
travel to visit Gaya and Kassi from chennai. So we paid 5k to them. My driver dropped in the railway station very early but no one was there to guide us and we were also not given any ticket also.

Literally we were starndard in the railway station and we finally saw our train but still no one came to give us our ticket and we were very afraid of what the TT will say... This is our first day and i was made to sleep away from my mom and bro when we asked them to allow to be together. And the in Gaya the train reached very late noone informed us about the late schedule so we have to do retual for my father, that is reason for us to go to Gaya.

Poor food we all fell sick and they made us wait for the train from 9pm to 1:30 in the night to catch train for kasi and our train ticket was also not confirmed so you can imagine what hell we faced. And in Kasi they made us wait for 4 hrs for our hotel to open and also the bus was 5 hrs..... They will tell you that they will take you to one place in a particular time and will take us in unimagined time.

They never allowd us to sleep in peace, at morning 6 they made us change our couch. What else i can tell i am soo angry and frustrated, you can say that they destroyed my dreams of seeing a place confrotably....

Friends, i just plead you to not to tavel in any travel like this and we must boucout this travel so that they will see only loss. Friends it is always good to travel alone, ateast you can enjoy yout trip with peace... These travels are Blood Suckers....They want only your money notthing else....

Collision Course from Steve Irwin

Aussie adventurer Steve Irwin a.k.a.’’The Crocodile Hunter” along with his sidekick and wife Terri Irwin has got a news that a Big Crocodile is in danger and has to be stopped being killed
and it has innocently swallowed a top secret U.S. satellite beacon.

The US Govt has sent a special agent to retrieve the beacon and think that Steve is some kind of Evil agent. Now Steve has to save his name and also save this BIG CROC being killed. Will Steve able to do the both? Well you have dive inside!!!

For those who haven’t seen the TV shows, the stout 40-year-old -- always in safari shirt, shorts and boots and in good humor -- is maniacal as he hunts down the world’s most dangerous species of animals to teach viewers about them. The Irwin’s teach respect for wildlife and conservation, a message that rings loud and clear in ’’Collision Course.’’

’’We’re conservationists through and through, that’s our mission. I’m fanatical about that. That’s what makes us tick. The movie, ’’Collision Course,’’ is not far removed from the TV shows, and that is how Irwin and long-time producing partner John Stainton wanted it. Irwin is wild enough and engaging on his own. There was no need for him to try to ’’act.’’ ’’I wasn’t allowed to fully understand the story, and I’ve never seen a script, because the genius of (it) is keeping us completely natural,’’ Irwin said about himself and Terri.

Collision Course’’ is, really, a series of scenes with the pair hunting Australian wildlife exactly as they do on TV.

For all you guys who wanna see them chase a carnivorous Perentie lizard, which can grow to over 6-1/2 feet long. They catch a bird-eating spider, also called a barking spider, and a venomous king brown snake. They find a motherless kangaroo and nurse it back to health and mainly save the croc and also teaches us the importance of respect for wildlife and conservation. Kudos to the team of this movie and i wish them all the luck and happiness in this world !!! Crikey!

Your Personal Secretary

You know you there is one Personal secretary available in the Market, you can just appoint it right away without seeing it's CV. It is called Answering Machine. Do you have one??? You should have, everyone should have it.

It takes care of your call and record what time your caller called you and also the caller can leave his/her message after a beep. If you wanna avoid a person, you can just avoid picking up the phone and wait to see who called you. Is'nt it great. We can even record our own voice. Seems great na. I bought it as soon as soon i got my First pay for my website....

You know in the West some even divorce each other in the answering phone, but in India still there is no averseness about this Magical instrument. They think someone is talking in the phone so they keep on waiting for us to pick up the phone. Some even complain that someone speaks rudely to them not knowing that it is not us who speaks to them. It is the answering machine who do the talking.

When you call someone, and you hear a woman/man ask you to leave your name, phone number then you better follow it's instruction.....

French Spiderman

French "Spiderman" scales New York Times building

Do you see a black dot in the pic? Well, that is French Spiderman ALAIN ROBERT whose hobby is to climb buildings and always welcome with hancuffs by Police.

He says that he climbed The New York Times building in Manhattan on Thursday to draw attention to Global warming. When he reached the 10th Floor he put a bannner saying Global warming kills more people than 9/11 every week."

He has climbed 70 skyscrapers and monuments.

CoolSydney, Australia – Sydney Tower and the Sydney Opera House
CoolRio de Janeiro, Brazil – Hotel Vermont
CoolMontreal, Quebec, Canada – Crown Plaza Hotel
CoolHong Kong
Cool The Far East Finance Centre
CoolThe Cheung Kong Centre
Cool London
CoolOne Canada Square
Cool Lloyd's building
Cool Paris, France
Cool Eiffel Tower
CoolGrande Arche at La Défense
Cool The Luxor Obelisk in Place de la Concorde
Cool Tour Montparnasse
Cool Tour Cristal at Front de Seine
Cool Mercurial Towers at Bagnolet
Cool Frankfurt, Germany – Dresdner Bank Tower
Cool Milan, Italy – Banca di Milano building
Cool Tokyo, Japan – Shinjuku Center Building
Cool Warsaw, Poland – Marriott Hotel
Cool Johannesburg, South Africa – IBM Tower
Cool Abu Dhabi
CoolUnited Arab Emirates – National Bank of Abu Dhabi and the Etisalat building
Cool Abu Dhabi Investment Authority [ADIA], Headquarters Building, UAE
Cool United States of America
Cool Empire State Building – New York City
Cool Sears Tower – Chicago, Illinois
CoolGolden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, California
CoolBlue Cross Tower – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cool Luxor Hotel pyramid – Las Vegas, Nevada
CoolTampere, Finland – Hotel Ilves
Cool Malaysia
Cool Petronas Tower 1 – Kuala Lumpur (arrested at the 60th floor in 1997)
Cool Petronas Tower 2 – Kuala Lumpur (arrested at the 60th floor in visit Malaysia year 2007)
Cool Sabah Foundation Building – Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (for fund raising)
o Melia Hotel – Kuala Lumpur
Cool Singapore – Overseas Union Bank Centre (arrested at 21st floor in 2000)
Cool Taiwan – Taipei 101
Cool Venezuela – Parque Central Torre
CoolBarcelona, Spain – Torre Agbar
Cool Portugal
Cool Torre Vasco da Gama
Cool25 de Abril Bridge[5]
CoolMexico City- Santa Fé World Plaza Corporate Tower
Cool Bratislava, Slovakia – Slovak Radio Building
Cool Shanghai, China – Jin Mao Building
Cool Moscow, Russia - West Federation Tower

He has said that his next climb will probably be in South Korea.

To climb these building he does not use any equipments, only chalk for his hands and climbing shoes.

Ps : When ALAIN was 12, he climbed eight floors, got home by the window as he had forgotten his keys…