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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Knowledge of Language you want to make friends easily, i will tell you a simple way to attract anyone.
You should have knowledge of Language, it is that simple....

People love you when they communicate in their language, especially the Foreigner like the French, Italian, German and mainly the Japanese. I have seen Japanese are very curious about everything, they are very friendly too and they love when you speak their language, or atleast trying to use some of the words in Japanese.

I met these 2 girls in my Dubai trip. I had to use only one word in Japanese to break the Ice. The girls were very happy that i knew 2 words one is Konichiwa (hi or how r u) and Sayonara(bye) this made us friends....Can u believe it?

I love learning languages, I used to make friends in the Net with the tactics, like that i made many friends....Why you don't you try and let me know how was it?

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