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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Story of A, B, C

Hello Friend Smile,

It is Story time.

This is story of A, B, C who is very frustrated in their life and summon God to help them.

God appears and tell them that they have to cross five deserts to attain the Treasure .

So, A starts his journey without anything supporting him, he cross the desert so fast that he looses his energy and he faints there itself.

B starts his journey with water and cloths and he faints in the 3rd desert itself.

C starts his journey with food and water and he crosses the 5 deserts energetically. B'cos he planned by taking food and water so he had enough time to cross the bridge that he was able to look for the treasure and achieve his goal.

So, tell me what Lesson you learn from this story, Comment about it !

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