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Monday, August 11, 2008

Every Dog Has It's Day

Check out this Pooch! Looks cute na, this breed of Dog called Chihuahuas are top dogs in LA. Carried in handbags and adored by lots of Hollywood celebrity. Most of them named Princess...

Almost 60,000 of the tiny dogs are registered in Los Angeles County, beating Labradors and German Shepherds as the most popular breed, according to a database Los Angeles Times (

Socialite Paris Hilton helped popularize Chihuahuas as the ultimate fashion accessory, often being photographed with her dog Tinkerbell. Britney Spears at one time had three -- Bit Bit, Lucky and Snow White and was often seen on the red carpet cuddling a tiny pooch.

But the ultimate accolade is coming in the form of a movie due out in October called "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" in which Jamie Lee Curtis competes for screen attention with a pampered pooch called Chloe.

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