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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Golden Thought
One of my friend asked me to read this wonderful novel called The Alchemist.
It is written by the great writer Paulo Coelho.
It is about a young Shepherd whose dream is to travel the world. He sets for a carefree journey to Spain where he meets his love, beautiful daughter of a merchant. But his love for his traveling around the world was more stronger which makes him leave his lady love and he also promises her to return soon.
In his way he meets a gypsy fortune teller who tells him to follow his dream. What is his dream, how will he achieve it? To know the answer you have read this beautfiful novel.
This novel makes it's reader to sit and think about their dream, it also have a Golden lesson that if you want something very bad, then the whole Universe will help you achieve it. You will understand more better if you read this one. Must Read !!!

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