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Monday, August 11, 2008

Worst Travel

I have been in lots of travels but Murugan travel is WORST travel. I have made my mind that i will never travel in my life, that much they have troubled us. Myself, my mom and my bro took this Murugan
travel to visit Gaya and Kassi from chennai. So we paid 5k to them. My driver dropped in the railway station very early but no one was there to guide us and we were also not given any ticket also.

Literally we were starndard in the railway station and we finally saw our train but still no one came to give us our ticket and we were very afraid of what the TT will say... This is our first day and i was made to sleep away from my mom and bro when we asked them to allow to be together. And the in Gaya the train reached very late noone informed us about the late schedule so we have to do retual for my father, that is reason for us to go to Gaya.

Poor food we all fell sick and they made us wait for the train from 9pm to 1:30 in the night to catch train for kasi and our train ticket was also not confirmed so you can imagine what hell we faced. And in Kasi they made us wait for 4 hrs for our hotel to open and also the bus was 5 hrs..... They will tell you that they will take you to one place in a particular time and will take us in unimagined time.

They never allowd us to sleep in peace, at morning 6 they made us change our couch. What else i can tell i am soo angry and frustrated, you can say that they destroyed my dreams of seeing a place confrotably....

Friends, i just plead you to not to tavel in any travel like this and we must boucout this travel so that they will see only loss. Friends it is always good to travel alone, ateast you can enjoy yout trip with peace... These travels are Blood Suckers....They want only your money notthing else....

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