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Monday, August 18, 2008

Origin of Kung Fu

Most of us think of 'Kung Fu' as a martial art, but what is the origin of the art?

Kung Fu was started by Buddha priest. You know Buddha priest found this art in order to protect themselves from wild animals in the forest. They learnt some techniques by imitating different types of fighting techniques from animals (e.g., tiger, panther, monkey, snake, or bear), birds (e.g., eagle, crane, or chicken), or insects (e.g., praying mantis).

The reason for imitating the animals' fighting was that it was believed that, in order to survive in the harsh natural environment, all the animals still maintained a natural talent and skill for fighting. The best way to learn the fighting techniques was by studying and imitating these animals. For example, the sharp spirit of the eagle was adopted, the pouncing/fighting of the tiger and eagle's strong claws was imitated, and the attacking motions of the crane's beak and wings were copied.

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