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Monday, April 12, 2010

Not just a game !

Not just a game is what I think when i play Prince of Persia 2008....

It is a story of the Prince who has lost his parents and his kingdom and strolling around the desert trying to find his donkey Farah. He stumble with a Princess Elika who is running from her father's soldier.

The Prince never saw a Princess like her, he decided to help her. The Princess is not ordinary like other princess of her age, she is not even alive and the only desire she has is to protect her people from an evil God named Ahriman.

The Prince decided to help Elika in her magical journey by overcoming the hurdles and giving life to Tree of life....

Now I will tell you why i wrote "Not just a game" because the game not only offer you excitement but also talks about the beautiful thing called Marriage. You might ask me how a game can speak about marriage. Tell me what is the real meaning of Marriage? It is companionship, where the two Partner are equal in all merits of life.

Same in this game, though the Prince is strong but he always needs the Princess help to keep him going, same Princess also need the Princes support and trust to keep her going.
Each partner should be be for one another and accept each other with their weakness too....

You will understand more properly when you see the 2 pictures. In the first pic, the Princess does not allow the Prince to die and second the Prince catches Elika from falling.

Life will be Magical when the both partner in life will be like Prince and Elika...:-)