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Monday, December 22, 2008

Falling in a deaf ear

Yesterday i went to see a very beautiful film called High School Musical 3: Senior Year...The story was about a boy named Troy who want to pursue his career on Basket ball and Drama...

The film teaches you to follow your heart to achieve your goal...This movie is the last of it's trilogy...The movie is musical and had great song and dance sequence. I have no idea, from where a huge groups came from, they had no idea what is a Musical is, whenever a song starts they used to shout Booo in the theater. This made me angry and really repented of seeing this movie in the theater....They really destroyed my movie watching experience.

Now i understand why there is no Musical movies in Indian films. Cos people are soo deaf to enjoy it.. It is like those lyrics are falling in a deaf ear..


anand said...

I cant say where did I see your blog exatly, but its good..rather very good

Voice said...

ajaa nach le can be termed as musical drama and i liked the movie

Music and lyrics was also good.

With audience, genre of bollywood is changing... good sign

nice blog