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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friend Or Foe

Friend or Foe that is the question in every mind when it comes to our Neighboring country Pakistan...

The bridge between us was becoming thin when thier celebrity were coming here and ours entertaining them. But this all has changed post the blast. Now the bridge is broken. Now there will be only separation and hatred among us. Who is responsible ?
The people of Pak or the politician behind it.

I feel we are all same but the venom which is been inserted by Pak politician is not. I saw one contestant from Pak in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa in Zee Tv asked the judge not to have elimination. He did not know that he won't be able to perform after the blast.

Even there was a blast in blast in Peshawar yesterday....Who is responsible for the blast? Will Pak govt answer it. May be we have the same enemy, it is right time for all the country to become One then only we will be able to fight the Terrorism once for the last...


zoram said...

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Aparna said...

nice post!

i like the pink colour of ur blog