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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Barbie Doll - A True Friend

Guys wanted their first love look like her,Gals always wanted to be like her, and still...she is the preffered one, She is none other than Babie Doll ;-)
Every girl child true friend is Barbie. No girls childhood will be complete without having her own Barbie. Barbie stand for beauty and elegant.

Yestersay was Barbie 50 b'th day...She may have turned 50,but will look like the sweet little girl for ages to come till we grow old. She will remain the never ageing sweet little. I thought why not continue the celebration today too. So here is a small history how Barbie came into being...

History of Barbie
The Barbie doll was created by Ruth Handler for the Mattel company in 1959. Handler and her husband, Elliot, founded the company with partner Harold "Matt" Matson in 1942. Ruth, inspired by dolls she'd seen on a trip to Europe, and from watching her own daughter, Barbara, created an adult doll for children. Twelve inches high and plastic, "Barbie" and her fashionable and separately-sold clothing were such a hit that Mattel became a publicly owned company in 1960. Over the years new versions of the toy mirrored fashion trends, and Barbie was the center of a universe that included a benign boyfriend (Ken), occasional siblings (Skipper, Todd, Stacie, et al), pets (too many to name, including dogs, horses, cats and a parrot), cars, boats, planes and houses. Barbie versions included scientists, disco dancers, fashion models, astronauts, rock stars and lifeguards. By the 1980s the doll's force as a collectible was such that Mattel began making versions of Barbie specifically for the collectors' market. Critics of the doll say it presents an unrealistic body image for girls. Fans say Barbie encourages young girls -- and boys -- by giving them aspirations to be scientists, disco dancers, fashion models, astronauts, rock stars or lifeguards. Despite the ongoing debate over Barbie's impact on American culture, the doll remains one of the best-selling and best-known dolls on the market.The Ken doll is named after Ruth and Elliot Handlers other child, their son. Ken.


wasted said...

truly, I never had a barbie and for some reason I never wanted to have one....may be I was too outdoorsy for a barbie :)

Dolphin Dreamz said...

It is never late to have Barbie ;-)

Aparna said...

i love barbie dolls even being a grown up

i absolutely adore them !

Vamsi said...

cool interesting history about barbie girl... :)