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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back with a Bang

Hello Friends....

I am Cindy, remember me??? Missed Me ??? Like the words often used by our Bollywood, i am also making my come back with the most hated program of all BIG BOSS.....Sajith are you there???

Big Boss 4 like it's host the naughtiest celeb Salman Khan who has come up the most controversial housemates you ever think of...The housemates consist of a Shweta Tiwari, Abbas Kazmi, Samir Soni, Seema Parihar, Ashmit Patel, Ali Saleem, Sakshi Pradhan, Devender aka Bunty, Sara Khan, Rahul Bhatt, Aanchal Kumar, Hrishant Goswami, Veena Malik, Manoj Tiwari

Though the notorious thief Bunty, sneaky advocate has been evicted... Nothing new in the BB4 house, as usual they are given task and gets evicted every Friday..Yeah one thing is that the captain of the house can enjoy the luxurious room in the house...I miss the Jail in the house....One funny thing is happening in BB house, there has been large things coming inside, like Big tooth brush, large fork may some Giant is coming to stay, who knows....

BB4 has come up with it's share of controversy too...The Baap of Mumbai who call themselves as Well wisher is trying to ban the program...They have succeeded in stopping the show on Mumbai....They want Begum Nawazish Ali and Veena Malik out of the program...Wish they were this serious when the terrorist tried to invade our country. What they are trying to prove...Where were these Sena when we were attacked.. Talk about democracy, the freedom of choice is no where to be seen...

I hope BB4 will survive in the filthy storm...BIG BOSS chahete hai ke sab tik ho jaye....
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Musical Bridge

Hindustan and Pakistan both place have been foes for a long time, many tried to build a Friendship bridge between them, but still there is tiff between them...

Star Plus has also lend a hand and buildup a Musical Bridge their new singing talent reality show called Chhote Ustaad: Do Deshon Ki Ek Awaaz

In this program they bring Indian and Pakistan young talent and team up as pair too...They will judge by 2 Superb Genius like Sonu Nigam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan....With this program, they are really trying to prove we are not that different and our heartbeat are same...

I really bow to the Team of Chohte Ustaad for their gesture and wish them all the luck for their great effort...

If you want to lend your hand in strengthening this Musical bridge do watch Sat - Sun 9:00 in Star Plus and see the beauty of 2 country coming together for the 1st time...

Friday, July 16, 2010

3 Cheers to Woman Power

G I Jane is a movie which has the potential to inspire everyone, be Man or Woman....It released in 1997 and is directed by Ridly Scott....

It is about officer Lt Jordan O'Neil (Demi Moore)who falls in the prey in hands of gruesome Politics of a Senator Lillian DeHave. Jordon has been selected to be trained for the covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALS and is also expected fail in her attempt by everyone. Everyone thought a Woman cannot become a Navy Seal, but soon that was about to change...

To everyone surprise, Jordon passes every task fare and square though she is been given opportunity to have similar task to perform. But Jordon is determined to make it her own without getting any special attention. She wanted to make it like any other Man soldier. But still Politics did not rest till they tried their hands on embarrassing her and putting her in spot....

After long struggle, Jordon faces the most challenging drill which diverted to aid and rescue American troops in the Middle East. In the process her senior Master Chief is wounded and now it is up to Jordon to save the Master chief and become a example for a true Woman Power....

Demi Moore is the heart and soul of the film, you have to see how she bring Jordon character alive in front of you...She is also have co produced this wonderful movie. Great performance by everyone...

Ridley Scott has succeeded giving an inspiring story of a Woman struggling to making it Big in the world of Man world. Where still Woman are expected to stay home and leave the soldier job to Men. The Camera make us believe that we are witnessing Navy Seal drill Live and dialogs are sharper like knife...

G I Jane is movie which proves that still there is a small world for people like Jordon where people still honor the G I JOE's....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

India's Magic Stars

We have seen all kind of Reality show, many new talents have been discovered, we have got India great singer through Indian Idol, great dancers from Boogie Woogie. How can Magic which has been ancient art in our country, an art which has been vital part in our Mythological stories. A art which has been only appreciated in the West...

Star One has come up with a unique talented show called India's Magic Show... Where we will get our own India's magical Star. Like all the reality show, here also there will be elimination. 2 groups have been divided naming Dragon and Eagle and 2 Elite Magician will Judge them and eliminate them...How can any program will be complete without a Bollywood star, here also like Mithon in DID, Jaggu will rate the act too as Supreme Judge...

I did not know that we also have such a class act in India. Have been seeing only Cris Angel, David Blaine and David Copperfield and only we know the Sarkar family who have been ruling the Magic art. This show proved that we do have some good magicians too...It is time for new magician like Suhani, watch out for her..She is too good.

I fee like i am in some kind of Royal palace where there is musicians, dancer and also magicians entertaining me..If you wanna enjoy like why not give India's Magic Star a try by tuning Sat and Sun night at 8:00 in Star One...May the Best Magician Wins.....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Any kind of Bandh is not good, what good can come out of it...Common people only suffers.

Everything is closed, there is not transport, if there is a urgency what people will do? Will this Bandh will come for an rescue?

Only in India we have strike for each and everything, in other country they have needs but for that they won't put an act like this. In Japan, people work than normal timing to prove their point. They show their protest by wearing Black color cloths. I guess we all can learn something from them.

Like when you close a door, no one can come to help like that closing or having Bandh only close the opportunity to raise your voice...What say ??? Jago India Jago....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Guess WHO ???

After seeing my friends Fenil's thriller movie, I also thought I will also post a story which been haunting me for I took little bit courage and present you my first thriller..hope you like it....

Cindy enters her room, she sees the fan running, when she goes to switch it off, she sees a paper lying in the floor and get shocked reading what is written in it. It has paper cutting words in it, she could not believe her eyes reading the words in it "YOU ARE GOING TO DIE TONIGHT"

Suddenly there was thunder storm and lightening outside and power goes off. The room became pitch dark and this made her more frightened and she tries to ring her friend, but the phone is also DEAD. She feels helpless she wants to go out and ask for help but she is afraid to go alone then she sits and start thinking who might send her that frightening paper? She decide to investigate herself and she goes her stuffs to get some clues....

Then suddenly, she sees a book...titled Guess Who??? She thought it is better to read the book in order to Kill the time than getting killed. She sat near a window where a glimmer of light was trying popping out. So she started to browse the book and notice the same kind of thing happening in the book, this made her more curious, she starts turning the pages rapidly and stops suddenly and realize that the paper which haunted her whole day was just the part of the book...HA HA HA


Monday, May 31, 2010

Mysterious Creatures

A small carnivorous mammal which have been petted for a long time. They have been kept in houses to catch the most notorious animal in the pet called the Rats.

They are the distant cousins of lion, tiger, leopard, and lynx. There have been many tales and myth surrounding them. Some even think they even posses magic. There have been many tales especially about the mysterious Black ones. They are often Contradictory.

In England Black cats are believed to be lucky in some part they are seen as the messenger of Devil. In some places there is a strong belief that you will be unlucky when a black cat crosses your path. In some places Whites are seen as unlucky too...

Cats have been seen as symbol of something bad, dreaming about them feels that there is danger lurking around us, it is likea warning symbol. Cats are also having 6th sense; they can predict rain or gales. Scientist have found cats gesture can foretell certain natural calamities. They discovered the direction of the wind just by seeing the cat scratching the earth.There is myth that drowning a cat can bring a strong wind.

Some people believe that Cats are really Witches with magic powers. Some think that Witches have transformed into cats. Some even think that Cats can bring death to life.

Magical or not cats have been the mysterious creatures that always impressed everyone, be the Egyptians of the Hollywood stars. Everyone one want to cuddles these sneaky ones.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Who Done It

Who done it, only run in our mind when we see a Detective serial, we also think that we can also solve the crime. Think again, there is program which make you think that you are not that smart to put the puzzle together ;-)

Meet Rick Castle who is as charming as his novels. He is a Crime novelist and with the help of the Mayer help Kate who completely opposite of him, she is also secret fan of Castle and his novels. What happens when 2 different people join to solve a crime. It is Showtime..Friends....

Kudos to Castle team and script writer who make us glued to the chair....And coming up with impossible case to solve...

If you wanna see a program which blows your mind of, a unpredictable serial, check out Castle which comes every Mon - Thurs night in Star World at 10:00....Are you Game????

Monday, April 12, 2010

Not just a game !

Not just a game is what I think when i play Prince of Persia 2008....

It is a story of the Prince who has lost his parents and his kingdom and strolling around the desert trying to find his donkey Farah. He stumble with a Princess Elika who is running from her father's soldier.

The Prince never saw a Princess like her, he decided to help her. The Princess is not ordinary like other princess of her age, she is not even alive and the only desire she has is to protect her people from an evil God named Ahriman.

The Prince decided to help Elika in her magical journey by overcoming the hurdles and giving life to Tree of life....

Now I will tell you why i wrote "Not just a game" because the game not only offer you excitement but also talks about the beautiful thing called Marriage. You might ask me how a game can speak about marriage. Tell me what is the real meaning of Marriage? It is companionship, where the two Partner are equal in all merits of life.

Same in this game, though the Prince is strong but he always needs the Princess help to keep him going, same Princess also need the Princes support and trust to keep her going.
Each partner should be be for one another and accept each other with their weakness too....

You will understand more properly when you see the 2 pictures. In the first pic, the Princess does not allow the Prince to die and second the Prince catches Elika from falling.

Life will be Magical when the both partner in life will be like Prince and Elika...:-)

Friday, March 26, 2010

My Childhood Memory

When I was born there was thunderstorm and lightning and my doc had to be called from the Movie theater...

I remember very less things about my Childhood, one is when I met Kamal Hassan in a weddings and
I sat in his lap and did not leave him, i guess that was my first crush ;-)

Another is my parents used to travel by air from Mumbai and Chennai. I was very afraid of flying in the airplane, my parents used to fool me by telling that the airplane did not fly in the air and i used to buy it. Now i am not afraid and we travel very less time ;-)

And once a foreigner saw me and asked my parents whether they are willing to allow me to perform in a ad...I guess that is it...

One of the reason why people hold to Memories so Tight is because mermories are the only thing that never change, when everyone changes. Share your with Us...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Are you with Me ???

We have been getting call from 2009 from this company in name of
Info Network Management Co. Pvt. Ltd who call them self as Chennai partner of Yahoo. They pressurize us and told us that if I pay them certain amount, they will give me contact for my web design business. We tried stalling them and got trapped this year 2010 by paying 5k to them.

From that day onwards we did not get any call from them, when we called them and asked why we have not got a single lead. After our strong pressure, they gave us some leads through which we came to know the harsh truth that they have been charging extra payment for web designing from their customer who register their domain.

So the contacts expected us to work for them for free. They even shouted us and asked why we were calling them, some even said that they are not willing to design a web site as they felt cheated by this so called company....

I don’t know what to do, how to get the money from them as there are many complaint against in the net, I just ask you fellow Msians not to fall prey of these people who call them self as Yahoo...It is really shame that people use a establish name like Yahoo to fool people...

I have their phone number and names people who work there, if you willing to help me in this Cyber War and help me to retrieve my money back, I’ll give you their phone number, together let’s create a chain reaction against them and compel them to return my money....Are you with Me ???

Monday, March 8, 2010

How Oscar get it's name?

I know that there is Oscar fever everywhere, but do you know Oscar get its name? There are a few stories as to how the Academy Award statuette came to be called Oscar:

Margaret Herrick, the librarian and executive director of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, said that the statuette reminded her of her Uncle Oscar.

Bette Davis claimed she noted aloud the resemblance of Oscar's backside to that of her husband, Harmon Oscar Nelson.

The first documented mention of the name was in 1934, when columnist Sidney Skolsky referred to Katharine Hepburn's first Best Actress Oscar. He says he was tired of writing "the Golden Statue of the Academy," and fell back on the name Oscar from an old vaudeville joke he had heard.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ornament of the Ocean

Coral are Ornament of the Ocean. The skeletons of ocean creature which are stone like, (external or internal) are called Corals. These corals are found in warm seas worldwide.

In 18th and 19th century, corals have been considered superstition. They were silver mounted with bells attached them. One famous charm is Evil eye

Corals have been considered jewelry and personal ornamentation from the ancient times and it was also used in medicine and magic. It is believed that the corals protect house from thunder and protect children from evil spirits and sorcery.

Corals are highly sensitive of environment changes. There have been laws to protect them.
It seems Corals will die if the temperature of the water changes more than two than the normal range.

Many governments have ordered not to remove corals from the reef as they are used to study the ecology. But still the corals have been damaged by fishing, diving, mining and construction.

It seems that Corals reef can predict earthquakes. They are like tree rings which records cyclical events including seismic activities. There have been studies that Coral not only predict but also prevent earthquakes and tsunami from occurring.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Color, what is the first thing you think when you say Color. You think of your favorite color. Color has deep relationship with Human mind.

Every color has its own characteristic. Like red is very loud, therefore it can cause irritation in people and blue is calming because it is the color of the ocean and water calms and relieves stress.

Color and Music has strange connection too. Whenever you hear a song, you will see different color when you close your eyes.

According to English folklore the colors have bad and good meaning. In some cases the meaning determine the association of the word blue to true. People have distinguished colors with the section of community like white for the of saints, red for martyrs and for love, black for funeral, green for goodness...

Even the traffic signal uses certain color to control traffic such as Red as in danger and Green to proceed.

Whatever color we pick to dress our self, in some way or other is indicative of our personality. Color and style can tell a lot about a person personality. People chooses the color according their moods. Some color have tendency to change a person mood too...

Every Color depicts a person personality...

* Red is symbolic of dominance, passion and sensuality. It is a color meant for bold and firm men who love to lead the world. If you want to make a distinctive fashion statement, red is the trick.

* Pink shades are indicative of coolness and calm. With pink, you'll look as fresh as a flower.

* Black, an all time favorite represents power. Acting as a symbol of elegance, versatility and grace, this color can smoothly sail in all functions.

* If your focus is on looking neat and clean, white is just apt for you. It indicates purity and simplicity. It is the perfect summer color.

* Blue is a color of warmth and trust.

* Yellow is the color of beautiful sunflower. It conveys anxiety and alertness of mind. But do not forget it is also the color of deadly fire.

* Burgundy is indicative of spirituality. It is a rich color that decides how passionate you are.

* Green comes from greenery. It is a color of nature with beautiful green leaves, fresh green vegetables. It represents freshness, relaxation and calm.

* Brown is meant for classy informal styling. It conveys reliability and trust.

* Gray is indicative of the fact tat you are a balanced person in life. It looks elegant and is considered to be brainy.

So, decide for yourself as in which type are you judging your personality traits.

Happy Holi Everyone

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Save Our National Pride

Tigers are large carnivorous animal, they have tawny coat with transverse black stripes. There counterparts are jaguar, mountain lion. Tigers are solitary nocturnal hunters, they pray on medium sized animals. Like deer.

Southern tiger which is known as the Bengal tiger are smaller in size and brighter than the northern one like the Siberian tiger. The male tiger can grow more than 3 ft high and 7ft long excluding their 3ft tail.

Tigers live about 11 yrs. They have been India's pride for a long time and it is shame that there are only 1411 tigers alive. Tigers are hunted for their skin.

There has been much news about Tiger poaching. There has been more cases, 3 in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, 2 in West Bengal and Uthranchal. 29 products of tiger have been purchased last year. 66 tigers died and 10 were from Karnataka and more are dying every day.

The Good news is that Indian government has come up with a new rule to punish the evil doers. Not only has that Aircel partnered with WWF-India to help "Save Our Tigers by creating a website where everyone can spread awareness by blogging, contributing and more. Even the Movie and Sports starts have come together to fight this cause.

I hope not there our future children only see Tigers pics through book, I hope there will be more Tigers alive for our future generation to see.

Let's hope that with this small steps, we can save our National pride, I hope and pray that no Tiger cub will be separated from its mother. Save Tiger...Let's Roar Together!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Swadika Friends

Swadika Friends, Swadika, Hello in Thai language. I learned it when I was in my trip to Bangkok.

We booked for Bangkok and Pataya through As soon us we reached the Bangkok airport, we were told that a couple will be joining us with whom we will be going to Pataya. Thai people are very particular about their check in time which is 12:00 AM.. We reached our beautiful hotel at 10:00. We are given our room at above 10:30. Then we met our Touring guy Jackie with whom we discussed about going to see Riply Belive it or Not which was not in our Itinerary. We planned to see some places which were not in our list, had to pay separate like Ripley in Pataya and Safari World and Underwater world in Bangkok.

Ripley Believe it or Not Museum had many things to see the where you get to see weird and strange things like a illusion diamond which you can see but cannot touch. Then we head to Haunted house, which was interesting and spooky too. Main thing was the sound effect inside the dark room. You should find your way to exit without meeting the most dangerous man with the chain saw who is waiting for you in the exit point. My brother and mother stayed back, as they both were scared to enter, I joined the couple Nandini and Praveen who came with us. Nandini and myself were walked just by touching the wall in the dark room which was filled with skeleton coming out of it's coffin. The whole place where surrounded by scary looking zombies who will pop anywhere. Even fly among you. The house is pitch dark and suddenly there will be light and you should make your way towards it. It was scary and we tried our best not to encounter with the chain saw guy and we also succeed too by leaving the haunted house before the freak catch us....

Then we went to a Maze which was unbelievable. Here also we had find our door in a room full of mirror. You should see to believe it. Lastly we saw 4D movie which was also great. The next day we all headed to Coral Island, which itself was like a mini adventure, hoping from one boat to another. The water is so clear that you can see what's underneath.
Our tip ended with the Jewel Museum which was really great. We went for a ride which was like a mining field where they showed how they find different kind of Jewels.

Then we traveled back to Bangkok reached our hotel, Imperial Tara, though i was not like Pataya hotel. On our first day we had City tour with our tour guide Linky. We went inside a beautiful Buddha temple. Then the next day we went to Safari World. I really enjoyed taking the animals pics which were in good mood and gave good pose for my camera. There were many shows like Seal, Dolphin and you can even feed the Tiger cubs and cute Parrots, i also shook hands with the naughty Orangutan. It was a nice experience. I had opportunity to get a kiss from a dolphin (the dolphin was inside the water and i was outside the glass, what a kiss, sigh) Anyways the next day we went to Under water world, which was also good, we went for glass boat ride where we saw different kind of sharks which was interesting and ended with another 4D movie.

The Climate of Bangkok and Pataya was cloudy. The people there were kind and sweet.
If you are strict Vegetarian, it is always difficult to find good veg food, but our guide Jackie took a good care of us. He took us to a good vegetarian restaurant in Pataya Shahi and we also found a good restaurant in Bangkok too. The trip was exiting, though one bad thing happened that in the Bangkok airport, they took my wiped cream which took me hrs to find and they said that it was mixed with water and something, God only know, they did not allow people to carry water to the flight, it is strange when they serve the same kind of cream and water in the flight. That was only the depressing part in my trip...

Kopun Ka (Thank you in Thai) for reading my Biggest Post