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Monday, March 15, 2010

Are you with Me ???

We have been getting call from 2009 from this company in name of
Info Network Management Co. Pvt. Ltd who call them self as Chennai partner of Yahoo. They pressurize us and told us that if I pay them certain amount, they will give me contact for my web design business. We tried stalling them and got trapped this year 2010 by paying 5k to them.

From that day onwards we did not get any call from them, when we called them and asked why we have not got a single lead. After our strong pressure, they gave us some leads through which we came to know the harsh truth that they have been charging extra payment for web designing from their customer who register their domain.

So the contacts expected us to work for them for free. They even shouted us and asked why we were calling them, some even said that they are not willing to design a web site as they felt cheated by this so called company....

I don’t know what to do, how to get the money from them as there are many complaint against in the net, I just ask you fellow Msians not to fall prey of these people who call them self as Yahoo...It is really shame that people use a establish name like Yahoo to fool people...

I have their phone number and names people who work there, if you willing to help me in this Cyber War and help me to retrieve my money back, I’ll give you their phone number, together let’s create a chain reaction against them and compel them to return my money....Are you with Me ???

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