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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ornament of the Ocean

Coral are Ornament of the Ocean. The skeletons of ocean creature which are stone like, (external or internal) are called Corals. These corals are found in warm seas worldwide.

In 18th and 19th century, corals have been considered superstition. They were silver mounted with bells attached them. One famous charm is Evil eye

Corals have been considered jewelry and personal ornamentation from the ancient times and it was also used in medicine and magic. It is believed that the corals protect house from thunder and protect children from evil spirits and sorcery.

Corals are highly sensitive of environment changes. There have been laws to protect them.
It seems Corals will die if the temperature of the water changes more than two than the normal range.

Many governments have ordered not to remove corals from the reef as they are used to study the ecology. But still the corals have been damaged by fishing, diving, mining and construction.

It seems that Corals reef can predict earthquakes. They are like tree rings which records cyclical events including seismic activities. There have been studies that Coral not only predict but also prevent earthquakes and tsunami from occurring.

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Silent Lucidity said...

Never knewn corals where considered superstitious. I have some corals , got them from andamans