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Friday, February 26, 2010


Color, what is the first thing you think when you say Color. You think of your favorite color. Color has deep relationship with Human mind.

Every color has its own characteristic. Like red is very loud, therefore it can cause irritation in people and blue is calming because it is the color of the ocean and water calms and relieves stress.

Color and Music has strange connection too. Whenever you hear a song, you will see different color when you close your eyes.

According to English folklore the colors have bad and good meaning. In some cases the meaning determine the association of the word blue to true. People have distinguished colors with the section of community like white for the of saints, red for martyrs and for love, black for funeral, green for goodness...

Even the traffic signal uses certain color to control traffic such as Red as in danger and Green to proceed.

Whatever color we pick to dress our self, in some way or other is indicative of our personality. Color and style can tell a lot about a person personality. People chooses the color according their moods. Some color have tendency to change a person mood too...

Every Color depicts a person personality...

* Red is symbolic of dominance, passion and sensuality. It is a color meant for bold and firm men who love to lead the world. If you want to make a distinctive fashion statement, red is the trick.

* Pink shades are indicative of coolness and calm. With pink, you'll look as fresh as a flower.

* Black, an all time favorite represents power. Acting as a symbol of elegance, versatility and grace, this color can smoothly sail in all functions.

* If your focus is on looking neat and clean, white is just apt for you. It indicates purity and simplicity. It is the perfect summer color.

* Blue is a color of warmth and trust.

* Yellow is the color of beautiful sunflower. It conveys anxiety and alertness of mind. But do not forget it is also the color of deadly fire.

* Burgundy is indicative of spirituality. It is a rich color that decides how passionate you are.

* Green comes from greenery. It is a color of nature with beautiful green leaves, fresh green vegetables. It represents freshness, relaxation and calm.

* Brown is meant for classy informal styling. It conveys reliability and trust.

* Gray is indicative of the fact tat you are a balanced person in life. It looks elegant and is considered to be brainy.

So, decide for yourself as in which type are you judging your personality traits.

Happy Holi Everyone

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