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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Save Our National Pride

Tigers are large carnivorous animal, they have tawny coat with transverse black stripes. There counterparts are jaguar, mountain lion. Tigers are solitary nocturnal hunters, they pray on medium sized animals. Like deer.

Southern tiger which is known as the Bengal tiger are smaller in size and brighter than the northern one like the Siberian tiger. The male tiger can grow more than 3 ft high and 7ft long excluding their 3ft tail.

Tigers live about 11 yrs. They have been India's pride for a long time and it is shame that there are only 1411 tigers alive. Tigers are hunted for their skin.

There has been much news about Tiger poaching. There has been more cases, 3 in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, 2 in West Bengal and Uthranchal. 29 products of tiger have been purchased last year. 66 tigers died and 10 were from Karnataka and more are dying every day.

The Good news is that Indian government has come up with a new rule to punish the evil doers. Not only has that Aircel partnered with WWF-India to help "Save Our Tigers by creating a website where everyone can spread awareness by blogging, contributing and more. Even the Movie and Sports starts have come together to fight this cause.

I hope not there our future children only see Tigers pics through book, I hope there will be more Tigers alive for our future generation to see.

Let's hope that with this small steps, we can save our National pride, I hope and pray that no Tiger cub will be separated from its mother. Save Tiger...Let's Roar Together!!!

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