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Friday, May 28, 2010

Who Done It

Who done it, only run in our mind when we see a Detective serial, we also think that we can also solve the crime. Think again, there is program which make you think that you are not that smart to put the puzzle together ;-)

Meet Rick Castle who is as charming as his novels. He is a Crime novelist and with the help of the Mayer help Kate who completely opposite of him, she is also secret fan of Castle and his novels. What happens when 2 different people join to solve a crime. It is Showtime..Friends....

Kudos to Castle team and script writer who make us glued to the chair....And coming up with impossible case to solve...

If you wanna see a program which blows your mind of, a unpredictable serial, check out Castle which comes every Mon - Thurs night in Star World at 10:00....Are you Game????

1 comment:

chetana said...

i have watched a few episodes of CASTLE and i feel than the crime its the love hate relationship between Kate and Castle that keeps u ticking through the one hour of this show..