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Monday, May 31, 2010

Mysterious Creatures

A small carnivorous mammal which have been petted for a long time. They have been kept in houses to catch the most notorious animal in the pet called the Rats.

They are the distant cousins of lion, tiger, leopard, and lynx. There have been many tales and myth surrounding them. Some even think they even posses magic. There have been many tales especially about the mysterious Black ones. They are often Contradictory.

In England Black cats are believed to be lucky in some part they are seen as the messenger of Devil. In some places there is a strong belief that you will be unlucky when a black cat crosses your path. In some places Whites are seen as unlucky too...

Cats have been seen as symbol of something bad, dreaming about them feels that there is danger lurking around us, it is likea warning symbol. Cats are also having 6th sense; they can predict rain or gales. Scientist have found cats gesture can foretell certain natural calamities. They discovered the direction of the wind just by seeing the cat scratching the earth.There is myth that drowning a cat can bring a strong wind.

Some people believe that Cats are really Witches with magic powers. Some think that Witches have transformed into cats. Some even think that Cats can bring death to life.

Magical or not cats have been the mysterious creatures that always impressed everyone, be the Egyptians of the Hollywood stars. Everyone one want to cuddles these sneaky ones.

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