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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What will happend when....

What happen when there is no kids in a kid program? The govt have targeted the most famous program which has Kids as center character. Can you imagine without Anandhi in Balika Vadhu or without lill cute baby Krishna in Jai Shree Krishna.

Now the Indian govt is going to pull all the show like Balika, Booggi woghi and rest of the programs. It is good that govt is taking a step in Child labor. But i feel they should also concentrate in the kids who work as servants or in some factory. It seems Govt says that some channel are not following the rules that a kid can only work for 4 hrs and some channel makes them to work more than 10 hrs.

Will the channel change their kid star's working time? I feel that these program should have a limited time like they have in the West. One program have only 10 to 20 episode and then let the next season starts. So the kids can act in their holidays and they won't have to miss their studies...There is one problem when a kids are star, they tend to loose their innocence....I guess the channel should make it a point that their innocence are preserved...

What say....Have any answers? Reply is must!

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moon's muse said...

hey there!in away i agree!why not concentrate on the more sinister forms of child labour and the domestic helps who work on a very paltry amount!

the child stars are paid handsomely and often have their parents to accompany them!considering that they almost run the show,im sure they are treated well!ofcourse some regulation is necessary like u pointed out!