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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Angel Of My Garden

Angel Of My Garden( My Friend Ruby wrote for me )
In the beautiful garden of my life
I was an ordinary flower before i met u
But the door opened and an
Angel ( entered in it,
From then forth my freshness, fragrance
And gentleness swayed towards u
You poured in me the essence
Of True Friendship like honey
And my heart overjoyed b'cos
Just the to-getherness between us
Meant fantastic and overwhelming of deep Friendship,
How will i express my thoughts to you?
My eyes have seen you and i wish to treasure
You as a Friend who is more precious than any precious stone
In the world.
I am spellbound by your spell of True Friendship
From ur hearts magic wand.
Atlast, I wish God grows our Friendship till everlasting and

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m said...

Hi i look at your Picture of the Angel Of My Garden it is very