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Monday, September 1, 2008

Blood Suckers

I have written mostly on the people i love, but today i am goin to writer about Blood Suckers. You have come across them in ur daily way of life. They are called Relatives.

I know some are lucky to have good Relatives too, but i am talking about some who are Blood Suckers, not Blood Relatives. My dad passed away few year back, at that time my bro was working in Delhi and he stayed with my Relatives. They bought him ticket to attend the funeral and after that my so called Relatives took our Laptop to see and never returned, he said he is taking b'cos he paid for the Air ticket, how cheap na, that is how some Blood Suckers are Yell

Well, all my relatives are like that, when we had car in our house, everyone came home and utilized our car, but when my bro was there in buriel ground waiting for someone to take him home, no one came. Cry

Does it mean when you are a Blood Relative, you are supposed to take care people who lost their love one? Does it give you make you responsible for their future and well being? Even strangers came to help us. I really prefer strangers than these Blood Suckers. What say???? Comment !

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Techno Talk said...

When you offer help to anyone in this world never expect favours from them bcoz you have helped them. If you keep such expectations then you have to cry. Not only relatives any person in this world will not act according to your expectations. It is hard truth which you have to accept dear. I too had such bad experiences and from then on I never tried to help a person with some expectations that he/she will help me when I need help. I help if I like and feel to do or else I will just say no to help. But the way your relatives took away the laptop is very disgusting way to take. But people are like that and they are worst then the blood suckers. You can kill the mosquito when you hurt but not relatives. So, relatives are even worst then these blood suckers... :)