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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paap Ki Raazi

There is virus culture growing like a fire called Paparazzi i call it Paap Ki Raazi b'cos these so called Paparazzi otherwise known as Freelance photographers are like dogs running after a bone...

They have no sense of privacy... They just wanna click pics of celebs and earn money by hook and crook. There are many accidents happen b'cos of these Pap Rascals. Like for instance, Princess Diana was killed by these Razzis. They chased her to death.

Even they went to SRK house and threw stones in order to take some snaps of Srk son and daughter. I know you have to pay a price to stardom, but this will cost someone's life too.

These people are always in the wrong place in the wrong time and blame Film celebs for attacking them. But they have no idea that first they have take permission from the Film wallah and then they can click.

They should give respect to the celebs privacy too What say????

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