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Friday, September 19, 2008

Music, Language of every Soul

Music, when you think about music every heart feels Happy.

Music can be used as therapy, i one read that in one Dentist used music when he was pulling the tooth of his patient, he used to make his patient wear ear phone and listen to music while he does his job without making his patient feel the pain, that is the effect of Music.

In olden days they used to sing while working, music has potential to make people forget about their stress.

You know some music remind us about our good moments spend with our loved ones. Hearing a particular song, sometime i get transfer into the time where i spent with my loved ones. There is no body in this world who has not shed some tear after hearing their favorite songs....

Music has potential to suppress your anger, if you angry at someone, hear your fav song alone, your anger will disappear.

Music has many kind of effect in people...Music is language of every Soul

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Techno Talk said...

You are right music has lot of power to heal a person agony ro pain.