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Sunday, November 30, 2008

3 Cheers for the Brave Warriors

I am very Happy that the War ended, it was tough time for our brave soldiers who fought without food and water for more than 50 hrs and succeeded slaying the Monsters who were terrorizing our country.

But do u you know the poor fate of our NSG warrior, when they came they were put into a local bus and were retained there for 4 hours without the Mumbai map....I have no idea for what these politician waiting ? Guess they were waiting to the election day so that they can say that they were ppl who stopped this War. Like Mr. said that "We need to make certain changes in our central administration- No politicians allowed to interfere in defense /police" I also feel the same when someone is trying to lend a helping hand, we should welcome them than making them wait for their orders to come.

Anyways, at the end NSG proved who is the leader? Though they came late but slayed the Monster fast like a bullet. 3 cheers to the NSG, Navy, Marine and other soldier who tried their level best. I should not forget to cheer them too....

We should not the forget to thank the warrior who fought behind the scene, like the Fire fighters who had courage to go near and tried to clear the fire by risking their life and Journalist who tried to give us the news without caring for their life.

I guess India should learn from it's mistake and always update and equip itself with the latest weapons, armory. The politician should never interfere in Army/Police method and give them full freedom to their work. The Army, Police, NSG and others should always were bulletproof when goin for mission and hope we will never loose anymore brave soldier. Your effort won't go waste....

I conclude my post that we really need desperately need young, dynamic, honest, intelligent and upright leaders, who actually care for the country.

With Anger and Tears.
Sighing Off
Jai Hind

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