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Friday, November 14, 2008

Bow Wow Obama

When Obama enters the White house, he will take new puppy along with him. The old ones had to leave like it's old master who enjoyed the pleasure of staying in the White house.

The pups are goin to be selected by US experts. The American Kennel Club said the best dog for Malia Obama, 10, would be the hairless Chinese Crested because it would not agitate her asthma.

This breed is "exceptionally loving and affectionate with children," the AKC said.

California breeder Suzanne Morris said she is offering an $800 pedigree Labrador retriever puppy to the Obamas.

"It's a very, very mellow (dog) and easy with children," Morris said.

Paula Fasseas, founder of PAWS Chicago, suggested Obama choose a shelter dog for his family.

"I envision a wonderful shelter dog -- a mixed breed that's hypoallergenic," Fasseas said. "Not too big, not too little. Something nice for the girls to really play with."

Now who is the lucky Pooch who will Bow Wow Obama !!!

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