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Friday, October 31, 2008

After all it's a small world

In the olden days when you loose a friend, it is hard to find them, but now we are living in Net world. Net world has made our life easy. Finding someone you know is just a click away....

Like that today my niece Archana found me in Orkut, she scrapped me this "hi akka (sister in Tamil)... how r u? I'm archana... i think u may remember." it's been ages since we spoke to each other. I was there when she was born, held her as baby, i was so attached to her, then as year passed we lost in contact. I have no idea what she is doin now, for me she is still the kid who played with me.

I Just could not believe that she contacted me today through Orkut, really we are living in a small world....

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