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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Voting Bhooth

I just surfed a website called, and thought that we can vote through Internet. But here you have to fill some forms and you will get the polling address.

I thought, since we are in Net age, we vote our fav actors, vote for our Indian Idol, i ask you friends, why can't we have a procedure where we can vote for good leader too.
I guess we have right to do with our own comfort na.

Goin to Voting booth is like entering a bhooth bungalow or fish market or some kind of scary place, where people fight and there is no sense of manners among people when it comes to Voting. So, some of the people who want to stay away from these problems, tend not vote, but if you have some kind of chance to vote through Internet or even through mobile, i bet everyone will vote....what say?? Think about it....

Jaagore World !!!

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