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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Publicity Well

We all have heard of the Wishing well, where we throw coin and our wish come true. But have you heard of another Well, where one has to throw their kid into it, you are all over the news. It is called Publicity Well !

In 2006 a kid named Prince feel in the bore well, after that there was another incident of another kid Vandana, now in 2008, another kid named Sonu fell in 100-ft borewell, hope they save him too...

What is happening these days? Who has kept these wells unattended? Are these parents leave their children from some stupid publicity reason. Why these children are left out free near the dangerous wells. I guess now the government should do something about this. They should learn from these and should close these wells which act like a of gateway of hell to these small children.

What do u think? Comment about it ....

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