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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today's Education

Education is skill obtained by learning process. Education is really important to all.
But the question is that does the education people get is useful.

The school is a place where we get education; the way people learn is nothing than torture. Everyone are not same, likewise every student does not have same skill of grasping thing.

Teachers give important to the books and compel their student to by heart and vomit it in their exam. They do give important to the grades and also never try to find why a particular student is not performing well in his/her examination. Everyone is after money and forget that Teacher is respected more than God.

The teacher’s duty is to understand his/her student’s learning capacity. He/she should be like a friend than a teacher. The teacher should take his role seriously and help his student to perform well. For that he should sit with his student and find a technique to make his student understand things.

Education should be like fun, and then the student can learn well. Only education should be given priority. Sports and other curricular activities should be also given importance.

People should be taken for their ability not for their education. Not everyone is genius.
May be a person is perfect in one skill and not good in other. He might not be good in education but may be good in painting or singing.

Like in the West, our Indian government should give important to sports and other activities too. Many other countries also have different system when it comes to education.

In olden days people used to sit under a tree and study. But in modern days we study in covered environment. Even it was important in the Royal house that they have education before the throne. Education has evolved a lot. Technology has also played an important part to enhance education. Like in some countries Mobile phones are also used to teach students. Internet has become a boon that you can learn anything online...Be it any language or learn how to play a piano.

We are in computer world, everything we do with the use of a computer. Our government should consider having visual education than using a book. Visual medium is so strong that one look at it, no one can forget it.

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