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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Human VS Gamer

Human brain is always complicated, still scientist are trying to study them, but cannot find the secret !!!...

But i have my own theory how a Ordinary Human and Gamer brain works, it a theory of a Gamer ;-)

1. When a person tumbles over a banana peal, what a Ordinary Human and Gamer mind thinks or works ?

Ordinary Human - He thinks he should have not stepped in the banana peal

Gamer - He thinks that he should use load option so that he can skip the banana peal

2. When a dog is chasing a person...

Ordinary Human - Off course Runs for his life, never look back ;-)

Gamer - Run for his life and search for a save option when he reach a safe place...

What you think of my theory about Human and Gamer ? If you have any example kindly Play it....Game On

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Techno Talk said...

Interesting one and I have read this post in Ibibo blog..